Spoilt For Choice

I am only 11 miles long.
At my widest I am about 5 miles wide.
At my narrowest I am less than 1 mile wide.
I am told that I am shaped like a lamb chop.
(I am not sure if I find that last phrase flattering.)
But, let me tell you straight, ‘I spoil you for choice’.

Balevullin Beach

Oh! I know I don’t provide you with hyper-markets.
I know I don’t have bowling alleys or multiplex.
But I do have thee most amazing beaches.
And not just one – you are spoilt for choice.

Time to make up your mind! Left or right?

Just think.
Last evening when you wanted to go for a walk.
You found it hard to make up your mind where to go.
You found it difficult to decide because you are spoilt for choice.

The view north towards the Rum Cuillin.

Think about how many beaches you passed.
Eventually you stopped at Balevullin.
Then you asked, “Which way?”
“Left or right?”

The Western Isles or Outer Hebrides

You looked down to your right at the beach
Then you decided to walk to your left.
The beach was looking pristine.
But you were looking skyward.
Sunset! I guess!

Thes setting sun lights up the bay

You were walking in roughly a westerly direction.
However I noticed you kept stopping and looking back.
At first I thought you might have regretted not walking along the beach.
But then you kept saying, ‘Look at that view! Can you see the Rum Cuillin?’

Looking closely at the artist’s palette

I am informed you used to walk more.
Now I am told you keep stopping along the way.
I understand for I know I spoil you for choice when it comes to views.
Take last evening – You had such a clear view across to the Western isles.


I have been told that I have dark skies.
I quite like the thought of that, it sounds attractive.
But last evening the sky above was truly like an artist’s palette.

See what an evening

Without boasting – there once again I spoilt you for choice.
Depending on which way looked the sky was so different.
Right above me the sky was a deep, rich blue colour.
To the north and north west the sky was purple.
To the west you had your artist’s palette.

Worth the walk over rocks and boggy ground!

Can I remind you you had to decide which way to return home.
Would you go back the way you came to Balevullin?
Remember you came via Balephetrish or Cornaig.
Or would you return via Moss and Heylipol?
You choose to make a circle of it.

You keep stopping and looking back – I don’t blame you

You were glad that you did.
Even driving you exclaim about the view.
Last night it was the view in your rear-view mirror.
And you even stopped and got out the car at Island House.

The view across Island House and Loch an Eilein

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ where I spoil you with choice.
It can be a hard life making up your mind.

A final view of Island House and Loch an Eilein