A Martime Themed Walk

This morning’s walk had something of a Maritime Theme.
Whenever possible I like to call into the Noust (Tiree’s Boat-shed).
The aim being to keep a photographic record of the building of the St Ayles Skiff.

The Noust, Scarinish, Tiree

It is hard to believe that this is week 9 since the start of the project.
Most days several enthusiasts with differing skills are to be found there.
One skill much appreciated by most is the ability to generate a supply of cakes.

On the workbench lies this magnificent carved marine creature – a possible figurehead?

The first item to be constructed was a large workbench.
Over the weeks this has proved its worth in many different ways.
The next step in the jigsaw was to prepare and construct the mould.

The work progressing on the hull – planks 1,2 and 3

Then the various pieces of the kit had to be extracted from the marine ply sheets.
These then had to be prepared and various sections glued together with epoxy resin.
Today an important milestone was reached in the construction of Tiree’s St Ayles Skiff.

Preparing to attach plank 4 – glue being applied …

Last week the work had progressed to the laying of planks 1,2, and 3 on both sides.
This morning the first of the 2 number 4 planks was glued into place.
An event no doubt celebrated with coffee and cake!

Work progressing on plank 4 at the bow of the skiff

Leaving the Noust I had no intention of stopping at the pier.
The final vehicles were boarding at that moment in time.
Then I spotted another vessel anchored in the bay.

Th MV Lord of the Isles preparing to raise her stern ramp to secure the vessel

The vessel in question was a vintage expedition ship.
The ‘M/S Stockholm’ is a classic ship built in 1953
for the Swedish National Maritime Administration.

M/S Stockholm anchored in Gott Bay

Her proud owners state:
“In 1998 she was totally refitted
and started her career as a comfortable polar passenger ship.

M/S Stockholm preparing to leave Gott Bay

The M/S Stockholm carriesa maximum of 12 passengers
in twin cabins with bunk beds.
M/S Stockholm isa marvellous piece of maritime history
with beautiful brass details and wooden decks.
It is no wonder she is loved by so many!”

M/S Stockholm heads out to sea

An Important Alert
It was while walking an alert was received.
CalMac had revised the timetable for Tuesday’s sailing.
This makes it extremely difficult for those travelling by public transport.

MV Lord of the Isles

Depart Oban 12:20
[not 14:30 as previously stated]
Arrive Coll 15:30, Depart Coll 15:40
Arrive Tiree 16:40, Depart Tiree 17:15
Arrive Oban 21:00

This is ~”Life on Tiree’.