The Golden Touch

It was the day when temperatures in London soared to 29°
It was the hottest April day in the UK since 1949.
Some in that great city found it uncomfortable.

Balephetrish Bay and House

Here on the Isle of Tiree we had bright blue sky.
The temperature even reached a giddy 13.4°.
We had all the gain without the pain!

The golden touch of the setting sun

As the day progressed the sky became clearer and clearer.
Undoubtedly we were in for a clear view of the sunset.
So we opted to view it from Balephetrish.

Inquisitive seals just off shore

We were not disappointed.
Straight away we could see a few seals.
What was also impressive were the number of birds.
Included in that number were oyster catchers and sanderlings.

It has been a calm day.
The white horses have taken fright.
Yet walking along the beach each wave could be heard.
There was a definite thunderous crash as each wave broke.


We were parked near the foot of the Kenovay Road.
From there we thad made our way down onto the beach.
The setting sun was was touching sky, sea and sand with gold.

The Golden touch including liquid gold

All too soon the sun dropped below the horizon.
However darkness does not descend immediately.
There is now a return to these parts of the gloaming.
The sun sets yet for some considerable time it remains light.

Much of the sky, especially the vapour trails, remained pinky red.
In the blue and red firmament was a waxing crescent moon.
What a magnificent end to a pleasant day.

This Life on Tiree enjoying the gloaming.

The Gloaming