“Job Done!”

You go away for a day or two and you never know what might happen.
Well strictly speaking it was just over a week in Mid-March.
And what did we find upon our return to the island?.
Repair work had begun on Scarinish Harbour.


In just over a month the work is complete.
The pier head has been rebuilt and stabilised.
The deck has been resurfaced with concrete.
Five new ladders with wooden fenders have been installed.
And to the west the old mid-tide pier has been repaired and made safe.

The work progressing

The workforce could be seen working at various states of the tide.
On occasions depending on the tide they worked by floodlight.
And now it is “Job done!”

Job Done!

It may have been external contractors but it was an island initiative.
Last year (1971) ten moorings were laid in Gott Bay.
This year we hope that thy will be well used.
Yet another island led initiative.

Three of the new ladders and wooden fenders

In 2011 we first visited Tiree.
We were on the “Experience Tiree” tour.
As part of the tour we had lunch at the Scarinish Hotel.
Since moving to Tiree in 2003 the ‘Old Harbour’ has remained special.

A colourful scene from the archives

The former ‘Hydro” shop is presently being redeveloped.
They have an interesting strap-line – ‘From Hydro to Hare’.
The transformed premises is to be known as the “Yellow Hare.”.
It will be serving fresh coffee, speciality teas, cold drinks and home baking.
Handy for those queuing for the ferry it will also stock a range of ‘unique-to-Tiree gifts.

The work completed it is put to the test.

A separate business will be opening adjacent but separate from the “Yellow Hare”.
It is to be Tiree’s first fully automated laundrette and will open later in the year.
It will also include a coin-operated shower cubicle and changing room.
Both of these facilities could prove handy to visiting yachts.

Sunset over the moorings in Gott Bay

Looking to the future . . .
Plans are presently being finalised for the Milton Harbour redevelopment.
The encouraging news reported recently is that funding is now in place.
Soon this vital island project will be put out to tender.
And hopefully work will commence next Spring.

Milton Harbour – a 1.2 million redevelopment

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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