The difference could hardly have been more marked.
On one evening yet another colourful sunset.
The following evening an overcast sky.
Contrasting yet both atmospheric.

Sunset from Pier Road, Scarinish. To the left Ben Gott.

The week has been mainly characterised by bright blue skies.
Some days the breeze has even had a hint of warmth.
And the sunsets have been a great delight.

Glebe House and Gott Bay, Isle of Tiree

Friday evening was the last in the present series of sunsets.
It was another reminder of what we call the gloamin’.
In these northern parts the gloamin’ is special.
Eventually it will only be dark for a few hours.

“Roamin’ in the Gloamin'” with moon overhead and just visible one of the planets.

We watched the sun go down from Pier Road and Gott Bay.
We then walked up to the Old Harbour in Scarinish.
And as we did so we marvelled at that gloamin’.

The lighthouse and newly restored old harbour pier

Although it was bright on Saturday there was cloud cover.
There was going to be no visible sunset.
The sky was still atmospheric.

The pier in Gott Bat with Mull and the distant Mainland peaks providing a backdrop

Out in Gott Bay there was a flotilla.
There were seven visiting yachts to be precise.
This was the first group this year to make use of the moorings.

On standby was Tiree Sea Tours rib the ‘’Aurora”.
It was chartered to be of assistance to the various crews.
Earlier in the day it had provided a cruise to the Isle of Coll and return.

Tiree Sea Tours rib “Aurora”

The sun had retreated behind a thin veil of clouds.
Out over  the Passage of Tiree there was a parting of the veil.
Nevertheless Gott Bay and the area around the pier was so atmospheric.

The Pier Office with the distant peak of Ben More appearing so close

Tiree is an island surrounded by shell sand beaches.
Tiree is an island where part of it has been awarded ‘dark sky’ status.
Tiree is an island with big skies that can be so contrasting and atmospheric.

The flotilla of yachts at anchor beneath an atmospheric sky

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.