It’s a gull’s life!

We gulls can be quite observant.
We recognise a ready supply of food even if its inland.
We will often migrate there if that’s where the food is to be found.
And we are not adverse to snatching a sandwich from the hand of the unwary.

Keeping a watchful eye on the pier and the ferry has just left!

Yesterday we guessed that Tiree must be one of the sunniest places in the UK.
And that’s what it turned out be – the sunniest place in the country.
Here on Tiree we enjoyed over 10 hours of sunshine.
We have the official figures to prove it.

Met Office official figures for Tuesday 24th April

We gulls keep a watchful eye at the pier, watching the comings and goings.
It is not too onerous a task with generally only one ferry a day.
Take yesterday there were more vehicles arrive than left.
It’s got a bit more complicated with CalMac’s problems.
“LOTI is OK but get well soon ‘Clansman’’.
We need you urgently!

The ‘MV Lord of the Isles” heading out to sea in the early evening.

We are can be creative.
But we go in more for painting.
We are far less into architecture and design.
We have observed that folks are often puzzled by ‘An Turas’.
It is a piece of art situated close to the pier office in Scarinish.
One thing we do know is that it can look amazing in the setting sun.

An Turas (The Journey) at sunset

There are not too many trees on the island.
There are a few at the foot of Ben Hynish.
Some unusual birds choose to visit there.
Close to the pier we have some palms.
Not too kind on our feet!

The setting sun viewed through the palms by the pier

Take last evening.
The moon was high in the sky.
And that was before the sun had even set.

Our moon last evening

Now for the sunset itself.
Here on Tiree we specialise in sunsets.
Yet the amazing thing is we never tire of seeing them.
Last evening we had had a great time swooping over Gott Bay.

Enjoying the evening sky

With a really good sunset sky and sea are transformed.
The water was so calm and it mirrored the sky above.
Even after the sun had set it was a sight to behold.
The gloaming just keeps getting longer.

The setting sun

This is the life!
It’s a gull’s life on Tiree.

The sun drops below the horizon

Life on Tiree!
“Away with the gulls.”