Eager Anticipation.
Only one more sleep to go.

Across the calm waters of Gott Bay is Ben More on the Isle of Mull

It was one of these calm evenings.
The sun has shone for most of the daylight hours.
And the slight breeze that had brought a nip to the air has dropped.

The pier seen from the shore of Gott Bay

There was to be no clear view of the setting sun.
A thin viel of cloud would hide the sun as it dropped to the horizon.
Nevertheless it was an evening to be out enjoying the beauty that surrounds Tiree.

The view across Gott Bay to Ben Hynish and the Golf Ball

We made the decision to walk at Ruaig.
From Sgibinis we had a magnificent view across to Mull.
We could even see south to the distant ‘Paps of Jura’ 50 miles away.

Looking across Gott Bay to Ben Hough

It was so calm and peaceful.
In the stillness the call of various birds could be heard.
The sea was so calm that it just gently lapped against the shore.

Quietly reflecting

Although the setting sun was hidden the sky was a picture.
What a colourful palette the artist had chosen to employ.
And the pools on the sand acted as mirrors.

Mirrors in the sand

To think the weather forecast for tomorrow was even better.
It was looked like the day might be perfect for a sail.
A sail organised by Tiree Sea Tours.

Looking out to the Passage of Tiree – with the moon high in the sky

From Tiree I have looked out to Skerryvore Lighthouse 13 miles distant.
I visited the Alan Stevenson Museum at Hynish.
I have read about the Lighthouse.
Oh! To view it close up.

Almost a full moon

This is Life on Tiree full of anticipation.
The camera is surely a must.