“What A Weekend!”

It was a long weekend with a difference.
The difference was the wonderful weather.
The weather many are hoping for next weekend.
Next weekend is the Early May Bank Holiday and Tiree 10k.

Cool refreshing water flowing into Balephuil Bay

The forecast for much of the UK had been ominous.
‘High winds and a month’s rainfall in a day.’
In fact it led to the loss of life in England.

A fence post with a difference – located by the car park for Balephuil beach

On the Isle of Tiree:
It began with Fabulous Friday
It was one of these calm evenings.
The sun has shone for most of the daylight hours.
The slight breeze that had brought a nip to the air dropped.
And I went to sleep that evening anticipating what was in store next day.

Sundown at Gott Bay on Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday led into Sensational Saturday.
This was crowned by the visit to Skerryvore Lighthouse.
As previously reported it was most certainly the trip of lifetime.

Skerryvore Lighthouse from the rib Aurora

Skerryvore is one impressive structure.
The Northern Lighthouse Board states:
The beautiful symmetry of the outline of the tower,
the proportions of which are a height of 156ft
with diameter of 42ft at the base tapering to 16ft at the top,
ranks it amongst the most graceful of all lighthouse towers;
it is even asserted by some that
 Skerryvore is the worlds most graceful lighthouse.

Skerryvore Lighthouse from the rib Aurora

The trip is organised and operated by Tiree Sea Tours.
If the weather is fair and you have the opportunity go for it.
I found the skilled crew to be friendly, helpful and informative.

Inquisitive seals swam towards the rib

Fabulous Friday, Sensational Saturday and Sunny Sunday.
At first there was a veil of cloud but this soon parted.
It turned out to be a warm, sunny day.

One of the many sandy beaches in Scarinish

On Saturday Tiree shared the honours with Stornaway.
Together they were the sunniest place in the UK.
Both locations enjoyed 13 hours of sunshine.
However they lost out on sunny Sunday.
Nevertheless it was warm and bright.

The Hebridean Princess heads out to sea on a mystery cruise

In the afternoon the cruise ship Hebridean Princess berthed at Tiree.
She had departed Mull earlier in the day and sailed via Iona.
In the evening she anchored off Kilchoan.

In the glow of the setting sun two of the yachts moored in Gott Bay

The calm seas had acted as a magnet.
Three yachts took advantage of the moorings in Gott Bay.
The presence of the yachts made it feel as if Summer had arrived.
Yet, strictly speaking April is still Spring!

Sunny Sunday draws to a fitting close

There was another surprise in store.
First there was the surprise visit of the Hebridean Princess.
Then there was the surprise arrival of three yachts mooring in the bay.
And thirdly there was not only a sunset but what appeared to be a full moon.

Sunny Sunday gave way to Magnificent Monday.
From dawn to dusk Tiree enjoyed marvellous warm sunshine.
From the ‘Aurora’ Tiree had a speared as three separate islands.
They are Tiree’s three high points, Ben Hynish, Kenavara and Ben Hough.
Balephuil Bay lies between two of the high points, Ben Hynish and Kenavara.

Marvellous Monday on Magnificent Balephuil Beach

From the seaward side I had a fresh appreciation of the expanse of the bay.
On Monday afternoon we enjoyed a walk across its shell sand beach.
For one of our sons this is his favourite beach on Tiree.
And we can understand why he loves it.

Skerryvore Lighthouse from Balephuil beach

Finally there was a shout from the kitchen.
Mrs M said, “You must look out the window now!”
Such an authoritative command must be obeyed right away.
[The grass had not long been mown, had I missed a blade or what?]

The magnificent sweep of Balephuil beach and bay

As if!
No. It was sight of the moon.
It was just rising above the headland.
It was like a large golden ball rising skyward.

The full moon rising over the Passage of Tiree

What a wonderful end to the long weekend.
A weekend that began with Fabulous Friday.
That continued with was Sensational Saturday.
That was followed by Sunny Sunday full of surprises.
And it came to a dramatic conclusion on Magnificent Monday.

The Golden Globe

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.