‘Good For Go’

The course was laid out.
The race marshals were organised.
Those carrying out the registration were on the ready.
The goody bags and t-shirts were prepared for the entrants.
There was even a queue for those requiring tickets for the ceilidh.

A cheery team on hand to assist

The planes carrying runners had landed.
Most important, the ferry had arrived on time.
Runners were making their way across the island to An Talla.

The Ring and Ride Bus Service collecting passengers from the pier

The cafe organised by Chocolates and Charms was well stocked.
The manager and volunteer staff were ready and willing to serve.
What a mouth watering selection was prepared.

Food Fit To Run For

Even the weather was organised.
Thinking of the runners, not too hot and not too cold.
And just to make it an authentic race a good Tiree breeze.

Flanked by his security team, Race Organiser Will Wright at the Race Briefing

With the registration complete it was time for the race briefing.
This included an outline of the course and safety matters.
“Keep to the left when running on the island’s roads”
“Race numbers to be clearly pinned on and visible.”
“ Encourage one another as you run.”
“Watch out for cows and sheep.”
“Spot a seal.”

How many spotted the mandatory seals on Balinoe Beach?

It was as the saying goes, ‘Good for Go.’
First off were the kid’s races on Balinoe Beach.
Then as 2:00pm approached everyone made their way on to the beach.

The older kid’s race – the full length of the beach and back!!!

There was the stirring sound of the pipes and drums.
Then came the traditional countdown from 10.
Finally it was the all important ‘Go!’

Two of the band members, piper and drummer

Off down the beach they ran.
From Soroby to Balemartine, Manal and Hynish.
Then at the Hynish Pier turn round and head back to Balinoe.

And they are off!

At the Balinoe junction there was a distinction.
Those running the 10K took the right hand fork.
Those running the half-marathon took the left hand fork.
The two routes would not meet up again until Island House.

Been to Hynish, we are on our way back to Balinoe – while some have yet to reach Hynish.

The half-marathon took the runners on to Heylipol Church.
From there they headed for the township of Sandaig.
Then it was on to Kilkenneth and Moss.
And back to Heylipol.

Even the time and energy for a friendly wave to the camera

From Island House the combined route was to Crossapol Farm.
There was a sharp turn then it was back down to the beach.
Then it was only the home straight and finish line.
There a medal was waiting.

It’s not so warm being a Marshall at Heylipol – but still an encouraging smile

In spite of the Tiree breeze the course record was almost broken.
There was some impressive running that took your breath away.
It was tough! It was painful! But there were no accidents.
And it was an afternoon full of encouragement.

A mobile Marshall cycling to Moss to direct and encourage at that junction

The cafe was extremely busy.
Perhaps the weather encouraged carb consumption.
After running in such event you need to fuel up for the ceilidh.

Words of encouragement from the official time keeper at the finish line

The much appreciated band at the ceilidh was Rock and Reel from the Mainland.
There was no need to cajole tired limbs and feet on to the dance floor.
Right from the start of the evening there was a readiness to dance.
It was ‘Good for Go’.

The ceilidh band Rock and Reel in action

Midway through the evening was the fun packed medal ceremony.
As well as the podium positions there were spot prizes.
Appreciation and laughter rang out.

Winning Team – Cumnock Cruisers

Thanks to Tiree Fitness and Chocolates and Charms.
Thanks to the many Marshalls and Volunteers.
Thanks Will and Becky.
Thanks Tiree.

Even when the going is tough – Never Give Up!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Where there is running, supporting and encouraging.
They mentioned watch out for cows and sheep.
The race organiser forgot to mention bulls.

Will mentioned to look out for cows and sheep he forgot to mention bulls!

A larger selection of photographs is available on line.
Look for yourself and enjoy the memory.
Hopefully it will not be too painful.
2018 Photograph Album Available here