Three Returns Please

With our holiday over there was our return to Tiree.
After a long absence there was the return of the MV Clansman to Tiree.
And after the chaos of the past months a return to the Ferry’s Summer Timetable.

Oban Bay and McCaig’s Tower

Our return to the Isle of Tiree was like a game of hopscotch.
From Dubrovnik to Thame, to London, to Glasgow and onto Oban.
That final leg from Glasgow to Oban was made in the hours of daylight.
It being a Tuesday the sailing to Coll and Tiree is at three in the afternoon.

A welcome sight – the MV Clansman in Oban Bay
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If you like ferries then you will love Oban.
Ferries sail from the town to many West Coast destinations.
These include – Islay, Colonsay, Kerrera, Lismore, Mull, Barra, South Uist, Coll and Tiree.

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In our short stay in Oban there were so many ferry movements.
With only two linkspans serving the terminal it provides added interest.
For example the ‘MV Isle of Lewis’ had to delay her entry into Oban Bay.
As the Clansman sailed past her it was like watching a ferry perform a dance routine.

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It was pleasantly warm.
The sea was more or less calm.
Some people choose to sit or stand out on deck.
No wonder considering the scenery the ferry sails through.

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As we sailed up the Sound of Mull we could see the MV Lord of the Isles.
She left Oban after the MV Clansman and was heading for South Uist.
It was as if she was sailing in our wake.

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Between the Isle Coll and the Isle Tiree we caught sight of some porpoise.
It is a real thrill when you catch sight of the various marine animals.
The porpoise appear to love to play in the ferry’s wake.

Caught on Camera – the splash of the porpoise

What an evening to return to Tiree.
We caught sight of so many neighbouring islands.
We could see beyond the Isle of Tiree to the Outer Hebrides.
And as we turned to enter Gott Bay we could even see Skerryvore Lighthouse.

Looking towards Skerryvore Lighthouse – thirteen or more miles away

The return of the MV Clansman to her ‘dedicated route’ is most welcome.
Her return brings much needed capacity, especially at the weekends.
But this is only temporary – she is due to return to dry-dock.

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CalMac advise,
After an extended disruption
due to a temporary repair needed to the MV Clansman,
the normal summer timetable resumed on Wednesday, May 23.
Customers should be aware that further amendments to the timetable
will operate from June 2-12 when the Clansman will dock for a permanent repair. 

Great to see a Tiree presence on board the MV Clansman

In a press release CalMac state,
The vessel will again return to dry dock for a short period in June
for the replacement of its tailshaft, a key part of the vessel’s propulsion system.

Our return to stunning sunsets over Gott Bay

In the meantime it is important that
those intending sailing between Oban and Tiree
pay close attention to the departure time of their journey.

It’s good to be home!

This is Life on Tiree.