Hare! Hare!

There is a new kid on the block.
Strictly speaking there is a a new leveret on the island.
It is very distinctive from the grey hares that populate Tiree.

Mainland Brown Hare from Stourhead in England

On the Mainland hares are generally brown.
There is a well known book about a ‘Nutbrown Hare’.
It is a story I have related often, ‘Guess How much I love you’.
This popular book was written by Sam McBratney from Northern Ireland.

‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam McBratney

This hare is Yellow.
You are unlikely to miss it.
You’ll find it right by the pierhead in Scarinish.
This new leveret is in fact a Coffee and Gift Shop.

The Yellow Hare Coffee and Gift Shop

It opened for business just as we left for our holiday.
And it was great to be able to do a taste test upon our return.
Not only did the coffee taste good it was served in a proper cup.

Satisfied Customers

It is located in what was formerly the ‘Hydro’ shop.
However it the shop has been completely renovated.
So the coffee and gift shop has a bright, fresh, new look.

Temptation was on hand in the form of a selection of home made cakes.
On this occasion the temptation to indulge was resisted.
Others, however, gave them the thumbs up.

A wide selection of island gifts

The floor space is limited.
Yet, the best has been made of it.
This includes a tasteful selection of Tiree gifts.

On offer

Bench tables and seating is provided adjacent to the cafe.
The coffee shop is sure to be popular for those travelling by ferry.
To this end you can use an app to phone ahead and place your order.
This could prove invaluable for those who habitually arrive just in time.

Get the App and place your order in advance

A separate business will be opening soon at the rear of the building.
A laundrette and shower facility is to be located there.
A great new island service helpful to many.
Convenient for those using the moorings.

Our satisfied customers test the outside seating

Already our loyalty card has been stamped.
We are looking forward to adding to the stamps already collected.

This is Life on Tiree

Looking. out at the moorings in Gott Bay, Tiree