Blue Sky Thinking

Since arriving back on Tiree from our holiday the sun has shone every day.
Indeed on Friday Tiree was the sunniest place in the United Kingdom.
It is a claim that is backed by the Met Office.

Friday afternoon’s flight from Glasgow on the apron at Tiree Airport

Our son arrived by plane on Friday afternoon to blue skies.
The view from the plane from Glasgow was impressive.
This has not always been his experience.

The view across the Passage of Tiree to the Dutchman’s Cap and the wilderness on the Isle of Mull

Blue-sky thinking is the activity of trying to find completely new ideas.
It is creative ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs.
So states Collins English Dictionary.

As the sun sets the moon is framed by blue sky

I guess blue sky thinking is thinking outside the box.
However on Tiree blue sky thinking perhaps has another meaning.
As winter has given way to spring blue and grey skies have alternated.
Two or three days of blue skies have been followed by depressing grey skies.
Now it feels like spring has really arrived as we wake up day after day to bright blue sky.

Friday evening’s red sky over Gott Bay – 25/05/18

A red sky at night is regarded as a herald of good weather the following day.
This has certainly been true since returning from our holiday in Dubrovnik.
Last evening’s red sky ushered in this morning’s blue sky.

Saturday evening’s sunset has a tropical feel to it – looks not temperature.

I keep saying to myself you have photographed so many red skies.
I reason that I don’t need to photograph yet another red sky.
However, the temptation is almost impossible to resist.

The setting sun lights up the Pier Office

It is just over three weeks to the day with the longest daylight hours.
Here on the Isle of Tiree even after the sun sets it is still light.
How I love that time of day – known as the gloamin’.

The sun sets over the shallow waters of Gott Bay

How we love to walk down to the pier as the sun sets.
Then to walk slowly back appreciating the gloamin’.
As the song says, “Roamin’ in the gloamin’.

Enjoying the glaomin’

On Sunday evening we choose to visit Vaul to watch the sun set.
Our arrival on the headland could not have been better timed.
The sun was just about to dip below the western horizon.

The sun dips towards the horizon

The Western Isles (Outer Hebrides) were clearly visible.
It appeared that the sun was setting over Barra.
Sky and sea were transformed.


We stood transfixed as we watched the sun make its descent.
What an impressive sight lay before our gaze.
This is Life on Tiree.

A gallery of the setting sun taken from Vaul.

Guess what!
We woke up to another clear blue sky.
And the forecast sounds promising for the week ahead.