Simply Stunning

Sun, sea and sand – what a stunning combination.
Add to that a trip onboard a rib to Skerryvore Lighthouse.
Then add to that a full moon and the related high and low tides.
And if that were not enough add to that heady mixture the Machair in bloom.

The MV Clansman in the sun drenched waters of Gott Bay

Day after day the sun has turned the sea so many shades of blue.
In so many places around the island the water is azure blue.
Or is it aqua-marine? What does it matter?
It is simply stunning.

A lone paddle boarder at Balephuil Beach

Today, Wednesday, we enjoyed lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe, Balmartine.
Following that we headed to Balephuil our eldest’s favourite beach.
There were several people making the most of this fine weather.
Nevertheless we remarked on ‘how quiet it was’.

The expanse of sea and sand known as Balephuil bay – best appreciate from out at sea

The sun was dancing on the water.
The gently breaking waves were crowned with spindrift.
While just beyond that a paddle boarder was enjoying the thrill.
The whole scene including the expanse of Balephuil beach was stunning.

The floral carpet at Balephuil

The strength of the sun and the warmth has worked wonders on the Machair.
Across the island, west to east, the Machair is bursting into bloom.
This feast for the eyes is simply stunning.

Dare it be said or thought? No wonder Tiree Lamb is so very tasty!

A photographic memory came up today on our computer from 4 years ago.
It was of a photograph of a flower – it was a yellow iris.
And today the iris have started flower.

Today’s fine example

Last evening we had an engagement in Heylipol.
The decision was made to leave the camera at home.
Leave the camera behind and you are sure to have regrets.

At Balevullin the sun’s rays streak across the waters of the Inner Seas of the Hebrides

Instead of making our way home via Crossapol we took the Moss Road.
The sun had just dropped behind Ben Hough transforming the sky.
At Balevullin the sun was still above the horizon.
In the distance were the Outer Hebrides.
The view was simply stunning.

In the rear view mirror the sunset from Balephetrish

As we reached Balephetrish the sun was just above the horizon.
In front of us the full moon was a rose coloured ball.
It had not as yet climbed high and appeared huge.
In front and behind the view was stunning.

The Full Moon’s beams streak across the waters of Gott Bay

Taking a friend home our way took us along Gott Bay.
The moonlight was tracing a path across the shallow waters.
It was hard to think that the sun had set because it was still so light.

The Memorial in Pier Road Scarinish in the gloamin’

At home the car was quickly abandoned as we made our way to the memorial.
It seemed important to record the moon rising over the Passage of Tiree.
After all research had revealed the name of this particular full moon.
It is known as ‘the Flower Moon’ – most appropriate.
Simply stunning.

The Flower Moon viewed from the Memorial, Scarinish

Twelve hours earlier our son had joined the trip to Skerryvore.
He had often commented someone should run boat trips from Tiree.
This year it has come to pass through the enterprise of Frazer MacInnes.
On social media and across the island you will see reference to Tiree Sea Tours

Heading out to sea on a great adventure

Not only has the sun shone the waters around Tiree have been calm.
And many have taken advantage of this good weather to go exploring.
There have been trips to Coll, Lunga, Staffa, and Skerryvore Lighthouse.
One evening many took the opportunity to enjoy watching the basking sharks.

Skerryvore Lighthouse as photographed by our roving reporter (Andrew)

Skerryvore Lighthouse is impressive perched on its wild outcrop.
It lies about from 13 miles distant from the Isle of Tiree.
However conditions have to be calm for a visit.
And they were just right on Wednesday.

Shark Alert! There is nothing to fear from those mammoth hoovers of the sea

At no extra charge were sightings of seals and basking sharks.
Having done the trip to Skerryvore Lunga is next on the wish list.
After all it is home to the colourful clowns of the land and sea – the puffins.

Returning from a great adventure organised by Tiree Sea Tours

Life on Tiree – It is simply stunning!