There was a marked difference in the light over Tiree today.
The clear blue skies were replaced by a haze.
This was particular true over the seascape.
The Isle of Mull was hidden from view.

The outside decks at the stern of the MV Clansman

Our eldest son was leaving for home on today’s (Friday’s) ferry.
The MV Lord of the Isles was due to replace the MV Clansman.
He was concerned because of the amended timetable.
Would he be able to make his connection in Oban?

Imagine our surprise to be greeted by the MV Clansman at the pier.
(It was difficult to believe what we had seen on Marine Traffic)
LOTI would never have coped with the sheer volume of traffic.
He need not have been concerned about his connections.
The Mighty One made good time on her way to Oban.

 Heading home.Another warm and sunny day so out on deck. Haven’t seen rain in over a week in Scotland!

The haze was accompanied by a muggy atmosphere.
On occasions it felt really hot and then it went cooler.
What was consistent throughout the day was the change in light.

The Old Harbour with its renovated pier at Scarinish

There was one bright spark around lunchtime.
Our walk took in the Old Harbour and Lighthouse.
There was work going on at the EE Cabinet at the BT Exchange.
I was informed we can expect the EE coverage to go live very soon.
(We can only hope the given date was accurate.)

An engineer at work putting up a dish by the EE Cabinet

There was a very different sunset this evening.
The air was still and the sea in Gott bay was so calm.
Even on Tiree the midges were making their presence felt!

The sky and sunset were almost eerie

The atmosphere felt strange.
The sun’s fiery ball could be seen through the haze.
And there was hardly a ripple disturbing the water in Gott Bay.

Three yachts in the bay

Three yachts were making use of the moorings.
Their reflections were muted by the haze.
How different it all looked from normal.

The sun’s beams streak across the still waters of the bay

Many areas of the UK including parts of Scotland have experienced inclement weather.
They have suffered from thunder and lightening and flooding.
Sadly there has even been loss of life.
Tiree has been spared all this.

The yachts moored in the golden waters of the bay

It has been a marvellous week on the Isle of Tiree.
A week when many have watched the basking sharks.
It has been  “A Spring Marine Watch’ in the waters surrounding the island.

The sun about to set beneath a thin veil of cloud and haze

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’.