A Tiree Sea Tour

It was a perfect day for a sea tour.
In Gott Bay the water was like a mirror.
The sea was so calm it was almost unbelievable.

Two yachts moored in the calm waters of Gott Bay

Today’s Tiree Sea Tour was to Lunga.
It is one of a group islands known as the Treshnish Isles.
On a clear day they are visible to the east of the Isle of Tiree.

The view out across the isles from Lunga

I was travelling with of one of our guests.
We were in the company of nine other passengers.
The two person crew were Frazer MacInnes and Kris Milne.

Frazer and Kris on board the Aurora

A safety instruction was given after the donning of life jackets.
We then made our way down to the rib ‘Aurora’.
When all were on board we were off.

Birds fill the air as the Dutchman’s Cap (Bac Mor) comes in to clear view

In the crew’s safe hands we sped out across the Passage of Tiree.
It was evident that both Frazer and Kris enjoy their work.
Every so often the rib would come to a near standstill.
Something had been spotted in the water.
Seals, Porpoise, Minke Whales.

It was so calm and still.
There was a hush as eyes scanned the sea.
There was hardly any noise of the sea lapping the rib.

A Puffin swims close to the rib

Once on Lunga we had an hour and half to explore.
You could spend a whole day there and not tire of the island.
Yes! We saw what we had come to see – the colourful clowns – puffins.

One of the natives

The puffins were there in large numbers.
Many of them were just sitting for the camera.
Others were nesting in their burrows in the ground.
Others were darting around – flying at great speed out to sea.


We were on the island in near perfect conditions.
The whole spectacle has to be seen to believed.
There were birds nesting and breeding.
Some were nesting on the bare rocks.
Others were in rock fissures.
Yet others in burrows.

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You didn’t have to walk far to observe the puffins.
In fact you actually saw them as you approached the island.
However, many people choose to take the narrow paths and explore.
The effort was more than rewarded by the sight, sound and smell of the birds.

You don’t have to be a bird watcher, twitcher or birder to enjoy the experience.
You could go there simply to enjoy the views of the Treshnish Isles.
Lunga itself was covered in wild flowers.

“This trip will remain long in my memory.”
For my travelling companion the tour was a moving experience.
There were two things in particular that were a highlight for him.

I’ll have you know there are more birds than puffins!

“First of all the sail over was so exhilarating
But when the boat stopped it was so calm and still.”

A colourful scene

“Secondly, the island itself exceeded all expectations.
To be able to land on Lunga gave new insights.
The terrain was so varied, flat, cliffs, crags, green.
The birds, the sheer numbers, had to be seen to be believed.”

“I would come back here year after year.”

R .Ph gives this review,
“My Tiree Sea Tour has been the highlight of my holiday.”

Back in Gott Bay our Skipper has his eye on a new boat for his fleet.
You just sensed his admiration of the sleek lines and brass work.
What a warm friendly crew we had on our tour on the Aurora.

“He had to finish with one more shot of us.”

“We just had to make an appearance.”

This is life on Tiree.