White sandy beaches. Colourful machair. Stunning sunsets
Sea Tours to Skerryvore Lighthouse and the Treshnish Isles.
These are the things normally associated with the Isle of Tiree.

Colours of Tiree and Lunga

This week there was a colourful display of a different kind.
There were colourful diggers and vans in Scarinish.
The Electricity Company were being pre-emptive.
And the whole operation went like clockwork.

A panoramic view of the work in progress

The transformer adjacent to Pier View was suffering from corrosion.
The danger was the transformer could fail and the supply be interrupted.
So the decision was made to take pre-emptive action and replace the transformer.

The local digger arrives on site

Letters went out to the various properties that would be effected.
Nothing was being left to chance – phone calls were received.
The dates were fixed – Wednesday and Thursday.
We were duly warned in advance.

Thankfully the telephone cables and fibre supply were not damaged

First to arrive on site was the digger.
It made its impressive appearance on the Monday.
Vital kit, including generators, was already on the island.

The temporary power supply ready to be brought into service

At the appointed time (9:00am) the power supply was interrupted.
Thankfully the pier, the Yellow Hare and garage only had a minor blip.
Petrol could be purchased, computer terminals work and coffee could be served.

Power to the Petrol Pumps Pier and Coffee Machine!

As promised the generator at Pier View kicked in around 11:00am.
The work steadily progressed throughout the working day.
And we went to bed to the sound of the generator.

Job done the generator is ready to return to the Mainland

On Thursday the new transformer had to be brought into service.
This meant for a brief time the supply had to be cut once again.
The generators even managed to board the ferry at 11:05am.
The job was complete and the power supply restored.


Ready for boarding

This is Life on Tiree

A s the suns sets over Pier View ‘The Machair is alive to the Sound of Generators’.