Encore! Encore!

Sunday evening’s sunset proved to be a topic of yesterday’s conversation.
The sunset and the ensuing gloamin’ were well and truly photographed.
Some people even recorded the colourful scene  at midnight.

A fishing boat steams into Gott Bay breaking the tranquil waters of Gott Bay

It was if Monday evening proved to be an encore.
There were some wispy clouds which only added to the event.
We had no need to travel any distance to enjoy and photograph it.

A lone yacht moored in the bay

We simply had to look out the window!
But for added enjoyment we walked down to the pier.
As we were arriving there a small fishing boat steamed into the bay.

Resting on the rocks

Question – Do today’s twin hulled fishing boats sail, steam or motor?
Steam may be nostalgic but it somehow seems more appropriate.
The scene was serene, especially when her motor was cut.

The rays of the setting sun streak across the bay

A lone yacht was making use of one of the moorings.
It added to the feeling of tranquility.
As did the bird on the rocks.

It’s low tide with the sand exposed

Standing on the pier was so pleasurable.
I could not help but appreciate the Creator’s handiwork.
To think that our Father God delights in his children’s praise.

So calm the yacht hardly rocks at its mooring

Yes! He even gave us the ability to enjoy sunrise and sunset.
He made us that we could enjoy colour and calm.
He gave us family and friends.

Time to pause and wonder at such beauty

What an encore!
Another glorious sunset.
Yet so different from the previous evening’s.

The sun has dropped below the horizon but it will be quite some time before it is dark.

This is Life on Tiree.