The Dawn Effect

It was about 04:30am
“What time was sunrise this morning?”
A quick check revealed it to be at 4:39am in Scarinish.

The dawn effect over Scarinish Post Office

I slipped out of bed.
Opened the patio door.
And simply listened to the stillness.
Yet it wasn’t quiet, there was the dawn chorus.
And every so often sheep could be heard bleating.

The dawn effect by the memorial in Pier Road

No! I would not go out!
After all it was just after 4:39am
The sky was turning a beautiful colour.
It was as if red and blue were blending together.

The dawn effect over the Passage of Tiree and Ben More on Mull

The temptation was too strong.
I made certain my absence was known.
I made my way to the monument in Pier Road.
As I had anticipated the sun had already risen.

The dawn effect over Gott Bay

There was a quiet drama to the scene before my eyes.
Two yachts were at rest at the moorings in Gott Bay.
A gull was perched on a nearby rocky outcrop.
Here and there sheep were grazing.

Simply enjoying the stillness

However, it was the sky all around that was the real theatre.
The sun’s dawn rays were streaming across Gott Bay.
It was a theatre of stillness with the sea so calm.

The stunning dawn effect over Gott Bay

People talk of the mind’s eye.
I believe that people can picture things.
Yet this is something that I do not think I do.
I can describe a well known scene but not see it.
So I am thankful that I went out to observe the rising sun.

The dawn effect

This Life on Tiree on a wonderful sunny morning.

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