As Temperatures Soared

Temperatures soared over the UK.
Some of the highest were recorded in Scotland.
Here on the Isle of Tiree we managed a maximum of 23.6 °.

The MV Clansman in Gott Bay – the return sail from Barra

With no wind and no clouds it felt even warmer.
(The temperature is recorded in the shade.)
What a day it turned out to be.
Even the tar was melting!

Melting tar on the roads – not a pretty picture!

Regionally the Isle of Tiree had the highest recorded hours of sunshine.
Nationally Tiree narrowly missed out to Kinloss by 0.2 hours.
(They have slightly longer daylight hours)
Tiree had 16.0 hours of sunshine.

Buttercup rich fields – the haunt of corncrakes

The dominant colour of the day was undoubtedly blue.
Sky and sea were in colourful harmony.
The sand in the bays – so white!

In all its regal beauty the MV Clansman heads out to sea bound for Coll and Oban

It was too hot for me to venture out in the afternoon.
It was not until the ferry returned from Barra that I went out.
In such perfect conditions the ‘Mighty’ Clansman looks so regal.
The ferry’s CalMac colours stand out against a blue sea and skyscrape.

Aurora of Tiree Sea Tours in Scarinish Old Harbour

Such calm weather is ideal for a sea trip.
Many well known attractions are only a short distance away.
(Skeryvore Lighthouse, Iona and it Abbey, Staffa with Fingal’s Cave.)
Additionally the skipper and crew point out the abundance of marine life.

Something to flap your wings about

Last evening we had the commencement of the full moon.
This particular full moon is generally known as the Strawberry Moon.
The name is North American in origin and marks the start of the strawberry season.

The setting sun from the Memorial in Pier Road

The full moon rose over the Passage of Tiree.
I first observed it as I went for a walk to witness the sunset.
North, South, East and West the sky was taking on the hue of the setting sun.

AN Turas – by the Pier Office

The walk to the pier takes you past An Turas.
Freshly cleaned and painted it did present a journey.
It was a journey into a very colourful island sea and landscape.

Gott Bay coloured by the setting sun

Much earlier in the day I witnessed the sunrise streaking across Gott Bay.
Now it was the turn of the setting sun to transformed the bay.
Each, the sunrise and the sunset, had a particular beauty.

A solitary heron

A solitary heron was perched on a rock at the edge of the water.
In the lighting conditions all I saw was the silhouette of the bird.
All of a sudden it took off – what a size its wingspan.

The heron takes off into the sunset

A lone yacht sat in a bay that was turning from blue to red.
On one side of me was the sunset and on the other the rising moon.
As I stood there on the pier the sun slowly dropped below the horizon.

From the pier I had witnessed the moon’s beam stream a path across the water.
Returning home the moon appeared to be sitting on top of the memorial.
From the pier I witnessed the moon’s beam streaming across the water.

Moonbeams stream across the Passage of Tiree

At midnight to the south the dark sky was lit up by the full moon.
While to the North West the sky was silted and dark blue.
The end to a day when the temperatures soared.

The Moon appearing to crown the Memorial in Pier Road

This is Life on Tiree.