Hauntingly Beautiful

We woke up to an island shrouded in mist.
On a Friday the ferry departs Oban an hour earlier at 6:15am.
It then sails directly to Tiree with an arrival time of 9:35am.
From our home we could distinctly hear the haunting sound of her horn.
On board her was the Team Leader of the Skiff Build Project, Dr John Holliday.

The Strawberry Moon rising over the Passage of Tiree as viewed from Heylipol

In his latest posting on  Skiff Talk Volume 93, dated 29th June, he wrote,
‘As the Clansman edged her way into Gott Bay
sounding her horn like a scene from
the 1949 version of Whisky Galore
the Noust was lost in the thick mist.’

From Heylipol banks of mist rolling over the island landscape

As the morning wore on the mist slowly dispersed.
However the mist continued to roll around and was very patchy.
This resulted in the cancellation of the morning flight from Glasgow.

At Heylipol cattle are enveloped in a sea of mist

In the afternoon and early evening the sky was clear blue.
However, it was as if Tiree was an island in more ways than one.
At varying distances the island was surrounded by banks of mist.

Another view of the moon by Heylipol Farm

In the evening we enjoyed a meal at Tiree’s award winning restaurant, Ceabhar.
We left there about 9:30 and made our way towards Heylipol.
The mist was beginning to rise over the nearby loch.


The car stopped by Island House

Our return home about 11:15pm was slightly longer than normal.
Even our departure from Heylipol was delayed.
The scene before us was hauntingly beautiful.

Close to Patterson’s Corner (Crossapol) moonbeams streak across the Passage of Tiree

We discovered that every so often the car would come to a halt.
First of all this occurred close to Island House.
Then again at Paterson’s Corner.
And at Scarinish Old Harbour.

The Strawberry Moon to the south of Scarinish Old Harbour

A further delay was as a result of the car taking a detour to the Pier.
By now the time was about 11:50pm – yet it was still so light.
Gott Bay had been colour washed.

The car somehow took a short detour to the Pier at Gott Bay

As we went to bed there was the moon shinning brightly over Tiree.
The gaps in the curtains were a reminder of what a day it’d been.
And just to crown it we woke up temporarily around 4:30am.
As dawn began to break the moon was still with us.

To the south the moon as it shines through the gaps in the curtains

This is Life on Tiree.

As dawn breaks the moon is still high over the BT Tower in Scarinish


We woke on Saturday morning to clear skies.
The slight sea breeze had blown any mist away.
Neither the plane nor the ferry had any problems today.
Great for all the comings and goings of the first day of the school holidays.

Clear blue sky and a slight. sea breeze working wonders.