A Sunday Evening Stroll

It’s just gone 9:00pm and the grass outside is turning to gold.
The sun has not yet set but its rays are working their powerful effect.
As the lengthening beams caress the landscape they entice you outside.

Perfume fills the air

As we step outside all feels calm for the air is still.
It will be no long walk this evening just a stroll to the pier.
It’s only a short distance from our home to the pier at Gott Bay.

Earlier in the day our senses had been stirred.
A nearby field given over to fostering corncrakes was luxuriant.
As we passed by perfumed filled the air and the colours were arresting.

Redundant pens transformed into a work of art by the setting sun

Now the shadows were lengthening as we made our way down Pier Road.
Just bore reaching An Turas there are some pens – a historic relic.
The setting sun was turning the pens into a work of art.

An Touras – the journey into an island landscape

An Turas itself is a work of art.
It is journey into an island landscape.
As we approached it a bird (a swift or Martin) flew out.

A secret uncovered

There in this work of art were several nests.
And there was something wonderful hidden there.
It was only when we got home we discovered the nestlings.

The golden touch

The entrance is characterised by concrete.
Then the concrete gives way to timber.
Timber that was turning to gold.

Two suns?

No! There couldn’t be two suns.
Yet that was how it appeared as we gazed out.
No wonder An Turas is a window onto an island landscape.

The wonder of the sky surrounding Tiree

Walking down the pier the sun was dropping behind some clouds.
Across the waters to the east the sky was turning purple.
Across the bay the it was not the most dramatic sunset.
Nevertheless it was a picture to behold.

A Sunday evening stroll as the sun sets

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Enjoying a Sunday Evening Stroll

A Manse with a view