An Gille-Brìghde

For the uninitiated ‘An Gille-Brìghde’ is the name of the Tiree St Ayles Skiff.
For those who do not have the Gaelic it means ‘The Oyster Catcher’.
These colourful birds are characteristic of the island.

An Gille-Brìghde – Oyster Catcher

The skiff is presently under construction in the Noust (Boathouse).
The work began with building a workbench in February (2018).
It is hard to imagine the conditions the team worked under.
Shortly after the kit (like a giant Airfix kit) arrived on site.

Day One of the build

First of all the frame (a mould) had to be cleaned and assembled.
Then the various parts of the kit had to be cut out.
The parts then had to be carefully prepared.

Working in extreme conditions

Over thirty people have been involved in one way or another.
Some have had previous boat building experience.
Others bring technical expertise to the task.
While others have provided cakes.

The crucial frame constructed and prepared

There have been various milestones on the way.
The frame assembled and ready for service.
The final planks glued into place.

No nails – just lots of glue!

Another milestone was when the skiff was turned over.
With each milestone the build has looked more and more skiff like.
Today another milestone was reached when the boat was turned over again.

The work steadily progressing – almost ready to for the turn-over celebration

The word had got out.
The lifting crew were in place.
Under supervision the skiff was lifted from its cradle.
It was lifted outside the Noust and carefully rotated and laid down.
Then the cradle was rotated in order to support the now upturned skiff.

Over thirty people have been involved

When will the launch be?
The target has always been the date of the Tiree Regatta.
It looks like the skiff will be ready to be launched on the appointed date.
However like many other great launches there will be fitting out to be done later.

Easy does it!

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’ reporting on the Skiff build.
A community event that gives team building a new meaning.



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