‘Whatever’ can be almost dismissive.
Asked to make a decision you reply, “Whatever.”
It is not the most helpful response to a sincere request.

Friday evening – away from the festival it was calm in Gott Bay

On the other hand it can be a real positive.
‘Whatever happens.’ – Whatever the outcome.’
In this respect ‘Whatever’ speaks of a confidence.
David, the shepherd-boy, king and song-writer had that assurance.
He was so convinced about God that he wrote a song about his confident hope.

Festival goers arrived on Friday to warm sunshine

At the kind invitation of TMF the Church on Tiree meet on the festival site.
Over a hundred people packed into the Community Tent.
All were welcome – residents and visitors to the island.

The outside of the TMF Community Tent

The festival opened on Friday evening to sunshine.
However as Saturday rolled into Sunday the rain began to fall.
As a consequence Sunday morning had a rather dreich feel to it.
TMF’s 2018 strapline was most appropriate ‘Whatever The Weather’.

The packed Community Tent

There was nothing dreich about the gathering.
Coffee, tea and homebakes were availabler from 10:30am
And by 11:00am it was standing room only in the Community Tent.

Derek Campbell, local teacher and church worker

Local school teacher and church worker Derek Campbell welcomed everyone.
It was uplifting to here the gathering join together in a rousing song.
‘Come, people of the Risen King,
Who delight to bring Him praise;
Come all and tune your hearts to sing
To the Morning Star of grace.’
Rejoice, Rejoice!
Let every tongue rejoice!
One heart, one voice;
O Church of Christ, rejoice!

Just a section of the Sunday morning gathering

David’s experience of knowing God was picked up in Psalm 139.
This was explored with the aid of video clip and dramatic readings.
One reading of David’s song about God brought it to the personal level.

The famous Skerryvore Lighthouse, 13 miles off Tiree

Can you raise the roof of a tent?
It felt like we were making a good attempt at it.
You should have heard the gathering join in the song ‘My Lighthouse’.
The children then had the opportunity to build their own Skerryvore Lighthouse’.
(Perhaps you have gone away wondering where you can the lyrics – see here)

Maya Sutherland volunteering for 1 year in Kep Cambodia

Maya Sutherland is the first person from Tiree
to be accepted aa a volunteer with Coll based Project Trust.
Maya explained how she will soon be going to teach English in Cambodia.
At the conclusion of the event there was the opportunity to give for her support.

Just some of the great team of musicians

What a great group of musicians were in the tent to lead the singing.
Instruments included keyboard, guitars, whistle, fiddle and harp.
We certainly had something to sing about.

Scott and Mhairi

Scott Wood of Skerryvore told of the difference knowing Jesus makes.
Then he and his fiancee Mhairi played for the gathering.
It was the popular song by Keith Getty:
In Christ alone my hope is found
He is my light, my strength, my song
As as it was TMF this was followed by something Scottish.

This is Life on Tiree reporting from the Tiree Music Festival.
Whatever the weather we have something to sing about.
Whatever life throws at us God is always there.
He knows, he cares and he works for our good.