Show Stopper

‘Here on Tiree it’s not no crime, it’s low crime.’
Generally speaking the island is a secure space.
So when there is crime the community feels the pain.

Mobile Police Station imported to the island for the Tiree Music Festival

Likewise on Tiree it’s not that there are no trees.
It’s just a fact that there are very few trees.
So you miss Mainland autumn colours.

First prize

Historically driftwood was important.
Shipwrecks were another source of timber.
Nowadays almost all timber has to be imported.

Not just for show or display purposes

So imagine the shock or surprise at the ‘Tiree Show’.
There lying on the ground were some tree trunks.
Well at least large sections of tree trunks.
They were safe behind security fencing.

Timber secure behind fencing

The fencing was not to protect the tree trunks.
The fencing was there to protect the bystanders.
Behind the safety barrier a craftsman was at work.

Chainsaw Craftsman at work

He was wielding a chainsaw.
Yet his dexterity produced real works of art.
They were sculptures to grace any garden or forest trail.

Someone remarked how much they admired his skill.
But they would not like to live next to his workshop.
No wonder the craftsman wore ear protectors.


This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’ reporting from the Tiree Agricultural Show.
Appreciating all the hard work of the crofters and crafters.
Well done to All – Organisers and Entrants.

A wee champion from Ruaig