The Secret’s Out!

You are advised, ‘Don’t tell a soul!’
Yet, in spite of the warning the secret is out.
The island of Tiree is a fascinating place to live or visit.
There’s more than shell sand beaches, azure blue water or amazing Machair.

White shell sand and enticing blue water

Careless talk can be costly.
The fewer people who know the better.
Secrets have a habit of becoming public knowledge.
Remember! Once you share a secret it is no longer a secret.

Balephuil Beach and Ben Hynish – both hold secrets

It is out there on the internet.
It has been published in An Tirisdeach.
It is even publicised on banners across the island.
Residents and visitors are all invited to an evening at Baugh.

Poster advertising The Secret island Events at Baugh

What makes things worse it that it is the peak holiday season.
When the island’s population is swollen by visitors.
It feels like the more who know the better.
Can they not keep a secret?

A strategic location – the Baptist Church Premises

They have chosen the venue strategically.
The location is the Baptist Church premises at Baugh.
it is on a key transport artery and could hardly be more central.

The Tiree Ranger and her van

The time is Monday, 7:30pm!
What could be much more convenient?
They even use the draw of home baking to widen the appeal.

Coffee or tea, surely a cake – Don’t worry we will wash up.

Like a herald a piper plays at the open door.
Just inside the Tiree Ranger waits to greet those entering.
“Come on in. We have secrets that we wants to share with you.”
Yes! Secrets! At least 20 secrets to be put into the public domain.

Pipe Major Dave plays at the open door

To put the audience at their ease live traditional music is played.
Tiree’s very own pipe major is only too willing to oblige.
Thus the gathering is prepared for the conspiracy.

Dr John Holliday in disguise preparing a means of escape if needs demand

The two chief conspirators are Dr John Holliday and Dr John Bowler.
They are quite open that they are about to reveal secrets.
Dr Holliday justifies it as putting matters straight.
Too many have false ideas about the island.
Dr Bowler has less time to say it in.
But he is no less guilty.

Dr Joh Bowler appears so relaxed

It would be totally out of place to repeat what they have to say.
It would surely be like aiding and abetting the conspirators.
Too many people know already.

This secret location is to be found on Tiree

This is Life on Tiree.
Someone has to act as a whistle-blower.
Too many have had long guarded secrets revealed to them.

Who said that there are no trees on Tiree. (Keep it a secret.)