Kitchen Tales

It’s Monday morning.
The wind is gusting.
The sky turns an inky black.
Then the heavens well and truly open.
This is the day the Holiday Club is beginning!

Sunday afternoon’s flight from Glasgow Airport

The club is now in its third year.
This year it is called ‘Kitchen Tales’.
It is organised by Tiree Baptist Church.
Help is provided by a team of young people.
The team come from Mainland Baptist churches

The flight carrying the team landing on the runway at Tiree Airport

Saturday morning had been overcast.
It looked like the plane would never make it.
Yet somehow or another the flight managed to land.
The same scenario was played out in the early afternoon.

The Kitchen Tales Team on the apron and making their way to arrivals.

Thankfully the weather improved and the visibility was good.
The Kitchen Tales team were due in on the next flight.
Then all of a sudden their flight was cancelled.
This meant an overnight stay in Hamilton.
No Sunday morning appearance!

Look at that sky! Let’s go to Vaul.

The sun shone on Sunday afternoon when eventually they arrived.
They had the luxury of a much larger LoganAir plane.
It was great to see them step onto the apron.
What a welcome they received.

A dramatic western skyline as seen from Vaul

The sunshine lasted right through the rest of the day.
So it was some of us made our way to Vaul to watch the sunset.
We arrived just as the sun was about to drop beneath the western waves.

The sun making its dramatic appearance

What a sight!
To the north Rum was a faint shadow.
To the North West the Outer Hebrides sat in a golden glow.

The sun soon to disappear below the waves and the horizon

Such a sunset never fails to impress.
The sun was partly hidden by some clouds.
At the right moment it made its dramatic appearance.
Then as it sank below the horizon it cast its glow over the waves.

Time to head back and prepare to make our way to blanket bay

To bed and then to rise.
It is Monday morning the start of the Club.
The Team are here and so is Molly the Kitchen Mouse.
What tales she has tell – tales told to her by her great, great ….
The children who are so full of eager enthusiasm sit in rapt silence.

The children listen with rapt attention to Molly the Kitchen Mouse

This is Life on Tiree enjoying Kitchen Tales.
The team’s flight might have been delayed but what a welcome.
The Isle Tiree certainly knows how to put on a magnificent sunset.