A Timely Antidote

Apparently ‘dreich’ is one of the most popular words in Scots.
It is not surprising that the word tops the popularity polls.
However, the condition it refers to is far less popular.
That is dull, damp weather.

It’s decision time

The word is most apt this evening.
For those on holiday it must feel like a winter break.
So it is surely uplifting to look back on Mondays’ sunset.

The Control Tower at Tiree Airport as sunset approaches

On Monday evening the older members of the Holiday Club met at ‘An Talla’.
(‘An Talla ‘is the Isle of of Tiree’s community hall at Crossapol.)
It was from there I set out around 9:00pm to drive home.

Looking across ‘The Reef’ towards Ben Hough

The first stop was at the Business Centre in Crossapol.
At present there are 4 flags flying from the flagpoles.
From that number Tiree’s flag will be chosen.

The view from the rise at Baugh across to the Dutchman’s Cap and Ben More

The view driving off was of Tiree Airport and its distinctive Control Tower.
Having crossed ‘the Reef’ the next stop was the rise in the road at Baugh.
What contrasting views were to be enjoyed East and West.
Ben More and Mull – Ben Hough on Tiree.

An Turas (the journey)

With the car parked it was time to head down to the pier.
At this time of the year the sunset casts its glow the length of ‘An Turas’.
Turning round it looked as if the house opposite was on fire.
Don’t be alarmed!

No need to dial 999

On a dreich evening the view across Gott Bay is a powerful antidote.
There was just time to pause at various points on the length of the pier.

The view from the head of the pier close to the Pier Office

There was to be no sight of the sun dropping below the horizon.
Nevertheless the clouds added to the drama of the evening.

Every sunset is unique

The setting sun turned the clouds red.

Sky and sea are transformed.

The setting sun dances on the waters of Gott Bay

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’ appreciating a timely antidote.
A powerful antidote on a dreich summer’s evening.

Good Night!