Inspirational and Unique

It was the evening before the Tiree Maritime Trust’s Regatta.
Just as significant it was the conclusion of ‘Kitchen Tales’.
This event was held in the Baptist Church premises.
In the morning the team would be flying home.
They had been leading the holiday club.

Dr Buchanan’s Monument< Baugh

The evenings were for the older children.
The team might be flying off in the morning
But the Encounter Group continues throughout the year.

Looking West and on the skyline Tyree Pottery

It was just after nine when the team left the church building.
Looking west the sun was casting its golden glow.
The clouds had a distinctive purple pattern.

Millport, Baugh

Millport in Baugh is a favourite spot.
This is especially so when the boat “Pelican’ is present.
That evening there were two craft in the peaceful waters.
Waters that were quietly and subtly reflecting the setting sun.

An Sithean in the glow of the setting sun

The team made their way toward Scarinish.
The setting sun was casting its golden glow long and far.
From the cattle grid near Tigh A Rudha the view was towards An Sithean.

The sun setting behind Ben Gott lends urgency to reach the pier

With some urgency the team made their way towards the pier.
And no wonder the combination of clouds and sun was breath taking.
Each and every sunset, when visible, is surely inspirational and truly unique.

Breath-taking formations of clouds and setting sun

At the pier the setting sun streaked its long reach across the bay.
No need to head west to catch the setting sun.
Gott Bay has its own attraction.

The long reach of the setting sun streaking across Gott Bay

This evening another yacht was quietly lying at rest at its mooring.
High above dappled clouds, lower down were wispy clouds.
The waters of the bay were taking on all kinds of hues.

Resting in a sea turning hues of red and purple

Waiting on the pier was the island’s red fire engine.
It had its annual appointment on the Mainland.
It seemed to sit well with the scene behind it.

With a long wait for the ferry a fire engine is parked on the pier

The team had been delayed in reaching Tiree.
Was this evening’s sunset a herald of clear skies tomorrow?
Much as they might want to stay on Tiree fog would not prove helpful.

Was this a herald of clear skies in the morning?

They need not fear.
They woke to bright blue sky.
Their flight was on time and afforded great views.
The Isle of Tiree is surely inspirational and truly unique.
It has a magnetic effect drawing visitors back again and again.

Up! Up! And Away!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.