A Touch of Silver

Glancing out of the window a large vessel could be seen on the horizon.
Closer inspection revealed this to be a cruise ship.
Marine Traffic identified it as ‘Silver Wind

The cruise ship ‘Silver Wind’ viewed from Scarinish

The Silver Sea Website claims

Silver Wind is a perfect illustration of how complete a small-sized ship can be.
With just 296-guests, beautiful suites and spacious public areas,
Silver Wind is one of the cosiest and most intimate ships
afloat today.

Silver Wind in the Passage of Tiree

Silver Wind was making her way from Belfast to Tobermory.
Her itinerary witnessed her in the Passage of Tiree.
Probably the guests were enjoying breakfast.
We were certainly enjoying our porridge!

Gradually, as forecast, the sun prevailed.
The early mooning grey gave way to blue sky.
What interesting patterns seemed to emanate from the BT Tower.

Dramatic cloud formations over Scarinish

It has been ideal weather for drying the washing.
There has been the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze.
But first things first – the grass front and back required cutting!

A Touch of silver over the waters of Gott Bay

The touch of silver was clearly seen over the waters of Gott Bay.
The Isle of Mull was obscured by cloud cover.
Yet the Isle of Tiree sat under blue sky.

Under blue skies two yachts at the moorings in Gott Bay

It being Tuesday the daily ferry arrives around 6:50pm.
It has a convenient departure time from Oban of 3:00pm
Thus no early morning start or overnight stay is necessary.
It is even possible to connect with the sailing by public transport.

The MV Clansman turns into Gott Bay

Once again it was a very busy ferry.
The mezzanine level was in operation.
In addition to the vehicles there were many foot passengers.
As the Scottish schools return back the English Holidays are in full swing.

As power is increased clag erupts from the Clansman’s funnel.

What a contrast!
Clouds over the the Isle of Mull.
Blue skies prevailing over the Isle of Tiree.
Perhaps this is why the dense black clag erupting from the funnel is so stark.

The MV Clansman heading out to sea bound for Oban

Tuesday evening’s ferry sails directly for Oban.
As darkness descends once again grey clouds dominate.
The forecast is for the MV Clansman and Tiree to enjoy sunshine tomorrow.

Return with the sunshine tomorrow

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’.