Come Fly With Me

A red sky at night according to folklore is a shepherd’s delight.
Yet not every red sky at night heralds fine weather the next day.
Tuesday was a good example of the exception to the general rule.

Monday’s sunset over Gott Bay

This week Monday’s sunshine was followed by a colourful sunset.
However Monday’s sunset was followed by Tuesday’s low cloud.
For much of the day mist and low cloud hung over the island.
Mid-afternoon some lightness appeared bringing some relief.
However this phenomenon did not last long.

Sails out in the waters of Gott Bay

Late afternoon we decided to take a walk along the beach at Gott Bay.
Although the weather was dull the bay was most colourful.
Several people were enjoying the wind and the waves.

A temporary break in the grey sky

To turn the old adage around –
‘One person’s poison is another person’s meat.’
If you are a sun seeker it certainly was not your kind of day.
However if you wanted to be out on the water this was your day.

Black suits and colourful sails

The waves were being driven into the Bay by a southerly wind.
Mid-afternoon the wind started to gust up to 29 mph.
Sail boards and kites were making the most of it.

Flying across the bay

The boards flew across the bay.
It was exhilarating watching the action.
For those who enjoy the sport it must have been thrilling.

Suspense or suspended? Help where’s my kite?

The sails and the kites brought a splash of colour to the scene.
Those flying across the bay were in black wet suits.
But the kites and sails were so distinctive.


Every so often a surfer would literally take to the air.
Suspended – it was like, ‘Come fly with me’.
It is impressive to watch such skill.

Come fly with me

To some it comes naturally.
The sanderlings darting along the shore.
Then as you approach them they take to the air.

Not so easy to photograph me in flight!

Gulls too we were making the most of the conditions.
Sometimes swooping down close to the waves.
Sometimes looking as if they were fishing.
They are born flyers.

Suddenly any brightness disappeared.
We arrived back at our car thoroughly soaked.
However I am assured that out in the bay you don’t notice the rain.

When the watery world turns grey

Visibility was extremely low.
You could not see across the bay to the pier.
At this point the sound of the evening plane could be heard.
It was very difficult to see it through the mist, low cloud and rain.
Amazingly the plane managed to land to the relief of all on board.

Barely visible the LoganAir Twin Otter makes its approach to the airport

On Monday it was bright and sunny.
On such a day you can feel it must always be sunny.
Tuesday has been a reminder that the sky can be threatening.
The sky can turn grey or inky black and the weather can be wet and windy.

The pier in Gott Bay at a clearer moment in the afternoon

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Thankful to God for sunshine and rain.
Thankful to live in a community where people matter.
It is not simply the beaches that make the island – it’s people.

Come fly with me