The Evening Sky

With the light beginning to fade fast we decided to go for a walk.
It turned out to be a Sunday evening stroll through Scarinish.
No need to take the camera we would not be out long.

The west end of Scarinish

From our home we walked out as far as Tigh A Rudha Eventide Home.
The setting sun was low in the sky and striking a rocky outcrop.
To the East the sky was dark and almost foreboding.
To the west it was such a contrast.

The sun sets behind the former bank house at the west end of Scarinish

At least we had brought our mobile phones with us.
Without our cameras they would have to suffice.
Such a sky cried out to be captured.
The effect was sepia like.

In black and white

By this time any thought of a brisk walk had disappeared.
We had almost come to a standstill in order to photograph.
Without trying we had a sepia like effect – now for black and white.

The wet sand was reflecting the setting sun

We were so pleased that we had decided to come out for an evening stroll.
How we appreciated the evening sky and all its beauty.
It was enjoyable to walk over the beach.

Contrasting – a dark sky and the sun hitting part of the waves

To the east the sky was dark.
Yet the sun was striking the breaking waves.
The contast we thought would look good in black and white.
But then it was also attractive in colour.

Dark leaden sky to the east yet the sun striking the braking waves.

It all felt so peaceful as we made our way to the lighthouse.
Not everyone can live with such stillness.
But it can be almost refreshing.
Yes! Restorative!

The Lighthouse by Scarinish Harbour

As we approached the harbour the ‘fish lorry’ was purring away.
The vessel ‘Strenuous’ was alongside the pier.
She was being unloaded.

Signs of life.

How we love to walk across the sand by the harbour.
It was strange to see the skiff sitting on its launch trolley
Gone were the crowds who had come yesterday to watch the launch.


How would Gille-Brìghde’ look in black and white?
There she at beside some of the larger Orkney class boats.
She looked attractive sitting there lovingly wrapped in her new cover.

Did they powers that be deliberately choose red wheel hubs?

How fast the sun was sinking.
There was still enough like to transform the harbour.
Once again we were pleased we had decided to come out.

Time to strike out across the Machair.
We were aiming for the pier that sits in Gott Bay.
Yet we could not keep our gaze off the western sky.

The sun sinks behind the Post Office

“Just look at that!”
Such was our delight in the setting sun.
Yes! The evenings are drawing is fast now.

The expanse of the western sky

As we reached pier road the sun was about to disappear,
It was about to drop behind some attractive cloud formations.

The view from Pier Road

By this time the view east had quite changed.
The setting sun was working wonders.
It had its own attractiveness.

Look East

We were now down by the pier.
The sun had set.

The life saving apparatus by the pier was a striking red.

Once again east and west stood  in sharp contrast.
Nevertheless the western sky was attractive in black and white.

The contrasting western sky

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
It was  a Sunday evening stroll through Scarinish.
Quiet! Peaceful! Still!

Gott Bay