The last we had seen of the Tiree skiff she was under wraps.
She was sitting on her launch trolley at Scarinish Old Harbour.
There ‘Gille-Brìghde’ lay under her protective cover as snug as a bug in a rug.

As snug as a bug in a rug

Then just before lunch I was out walking.
In front of the memorial in Pier Road a car came to an abrupt halt.
The occupants spilled out announcing that the skiff was under way.

‘Gille-Brìghde’ and the Mighty Clansman

Apparently everything was above board.
It was not that the morning ferry had brought a foreign crew.
It was not that some from a neighbouring island had designs on theft.
After all the ferry, the MV Clansman, had not long departed from the pier.

The race is on in earnest!

It was a gorgeously sunny morning with only a gentle breeze.
Apparently after a few telephone calls a crew had been organised.
It was made up of those who had invested much time in the skiff’s construction.

Competitive! It is obvious who has won.

Life on Tiree is still awaiting the official team name.
Whatever their name, the crew were certainly moving.
From the shore they appeared to overtake the Mighty Clansman.
However, it is understood from a reliable source that it was not a race.

Tired but Triumphant

It was clear that they were an experienced team.
They had learnt a considerable amount building the skiff.
With DA Brown as an expert cox they had years of experience.

Rested and ready for the return

After testing out the moorings in Gott Bay they then headed back to the harbour.
DA was given a ceremonial piggyback from the skiff to the shore.
On the Isle of Tiree this is a mark of deep respect.

We did it!

No doubt every last grain of sand was removed from ‘Gille-Brìghde’
She would most likely have been given a careful wash down.
And after a gentle dry her cover would have been replaced.

A mark of deep respect for one of Tiree’s octogenarians.

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’.
Autumn or summer – what does it matter.
It is a a bright sunny day with only a hint of a breeze.