Weather Warning

Weather Warning!
It’s the Autumn Equinox.
So the current weather forecast is no surprise.
No storm is on the horizon but the forecast is for a wee blow.

A wee blow is forecast – just what the surf doctor ordered

The wind is forecast to gust up to 47mph on Tuesday afternoon.
By the time the ferry is due the gusts are forecast to reduce to 44mph.
With the wind up through out the day swell conditions can surely be expected.

Wednesday’s swell conditions at Scarinish

Tuesday is the evening of the full moon.
High tide is due at 18:46 and the ferry is due at 18:50.
Little wonder then that Tuesday’s ferry is already on an alert.

The waxing moon over the Isle of Mull and the Passage of Tiree

Oban – Coll – Tiree
Due to adverse weather forecast,
this service is liable to disruption or cancellation
at short notice on Tuesday 25th September.

Moonrise on Sunday evening

Rain is also included in Tuesday’s weather.
There appears to be only a slim chance of observing the full moon.
If Tuesday’s moonrise can be observed from Tiree this is timed for 19:40

The moon dancing with the clouds

Try and picture our surprise and delight on Sunday evening.
Setting out for a walk we saw the moon just above the horizon.
Although it was a waxing moon it had the appearance the full moon.
We were excited at the size, the colour and the brightness of the moon.

Almost – but not quite the full moon

Looking back over the week Thursday evening’s sunset was much appreciated.
We had several guests in our home that particular evening.
Almost all asked, “Did you see that sunset?”
Wow! The colours.

A grand colour scheme

We did not see the moment the sun dropped below the horizon.
However, we did witness the colours that followed sunset.
It was as they say, ‘a sight for sore eyes’.

Gott Bay transformed by the sunset on Thursday evening

In just over 24 hours we will know if Tuesday’s sailing is cancelled.
No one likes to get within sight of the island and have to turn back.
If any ferry can make it through in such conditions it is the ‘Might Clansman’.

The Mighty Clansman in the Passage of Tiree in stormy conditions

What a weight of responsibility is on the shoulders of the Skipper.
He is responsible for the safety of his ship, crew and passengers.
He is well aware that he is operating a lifeline service.
We must trust his judgment.

The Mighty Clansman with its anchor in operation at Tiree’s pier

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

This evening’s fiery sky is a shepherd’s warning