Starlight Special

The sea is calm.
It is a starlit evening.
There is barely a hint of a breeze.
It is difficult to believe the forecast for tomorrow, Sunday.
The normally conservative forecast is for gusts in excess of 50mph.

The Pier Lights switched on in preparation for he arrival of the MV Clansman

Look back to Friday evening.
It was a most attractive sunset.
This was true no matter which way you looked.

Look east

To the east sky and sea were reflecting the setting sun.
How the reds and pinks stood out against the shades of blue.
To the west the sand and sea were serving as a powerful mirror.

Look west across Got Bay

Due to the forecast Sunday’s sailing had been cancelled.
It is half term and many families had booked holidays.
Some were hoping to head off to warmer climes.
Surfers were arriving and departing.
It was a very busy ferry.

The bow of the MV Clansman set against a grey sky

The ferry sat alongside the pier under a dark sky.
Yet for most of the day the sun shone.brightly.
Although there were a few brief showers.

For a brief moment part of a rainbow appears over Gott Bay

Sunday’s sailing was cancelled.
Thankfully there was to be a second sailing.
The MV Clansman would make an additional Saturday sailing.
(At this time of the year this is not a normal occurrence.)

The sun had set.
The stars were out.
The pier lights were switched on.
And the MV Clansman brought colour to the bay.

The Clansman approaches the pier
Port Lights – Red
Starboard Lights – Green

Sunlit or starlit the Clansman is a welcome sight.
This evening it was especially so for several booked on Sunday’s sailing.
Indeed a number of outbound commercial vehicles escaped while they could.

Sunday’s sailing is cancelled.
Will swell lead to the cancellation of Monday’s sailing?.
If any vessel can make the crossing on Monday the Mighty Clansman can!

The MV Clansman paints the waters of Gott Bay

This is Life on Tiree.
A starlight special is indeed a rare occasion.

The MV Clansman heads out to sea with an ETA of 23:30 in Oban