Anchor Aweigh

You learn something new every day.
Today the learning curve concerned anchors.
To be more specific it concerned the phrase ‘anchors aweigh’.

The phrase is often misspelled as ‘anchors away’.
This has led to confusion as to its proper meaning.
The common misconception is that it means to ‘drop anchor’.

The MV Clansman seen through the dolphins and linkspan

It would appear that the phrase ‘anchors aweigh’ is a report.
It is a report that the anchor is clear of the sea bottom.
The ship is therefore officially underway.

There was g rumbling sound as the anchor was dropped.

Today there was the sound of the anchor being dropped.
This was the first time this has happened this Autumn.
The wind was gusting to 39mph from the SSE.
Thus the decision to deploy the anchor.

The Midship and Bow lines are thrown to be caught by those working on the pier

No doubt due to the weather the ferry arrived at Tiree at 11:12.
This was just over five minutes later than advertised.
It then departed at 11:56 instead of 11:35.

The MV Clansman alongside the pier.

It was a good example of ‘anchor aweigh’.
With the stern ropes released the stern was pushed off.
Then the bow ropes were released but the anchor not weighed.
It was only after ‘anchor aweigh’ that the MV Clansman got under way.

Using her powerful thrusters the Clansman pushes her stern away from the pier

Under the summer timetable Wednesdays are different.
For normal the ferry continues on to Castlebay on Barra.
Due to the weather this leg of the journey had been cancelled.
Instead of continuing onto Barra the ferry sailed back to Oban via Coll.


At present we are experiencing a prolonged period of uncertain weather.
As a consequence there is an alert out for Thursday the 11th October.
This service to Tiree may be liable to disruption or cancellation
with a high possibility of only one stop at Coll.

The anchor raised the MV Clansman is ready to get under way

The weather forecast for Friday 12th October is interesting.
The gusts are expected to be in excess of 60mph.
Not unexpectedly Friday’s sailing is cancelled.

Not quite a full face wash as the MV Clansman heads out to sea

This Saturday is the start of the Tiree Wave Classic.
Friday’s ferry was fully booked as is Saturday’s.
Will there be an additional sailing on Saturday?
In the circumstances it is vitally important.

Heading out into the Passage of Tiree bound for Oban via Coll

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

Sunset after a beautiful sunny day on Tiree

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