The Clansman And A Princess

‘The Mighty Clansman and a Hebridean Princess’.
It sounds like a folk tale.
It even has a Hebridean ring to it.
The tale begins at Gott Bay, the Isle of Tiree.

The Hebridean Princess alongside the pier

It is Monday the 15th October 2018.
At 8:45 the Hebridean Princess slipped into Gott Bay.
And at 8:55 she berthed alongside the pier – unannounced.

The Hebridean Princess at Tiree’s Pier on a beautiful sunny morning

Her visit was almost unexpected.
Due to stormy weather her itinerary had been altered.
The guests had encountered several hours of swell conditions.
Their arrival in Gott Bay was in calm waters on a beautiful autumn morning.

A Kennedy’s Coach waits in attendance

In a previous existence this Hebridean Princess was the RMS Columba.
She began life as car ferry built specifically for Hebridean waters.
However in 1989 she was transformed into a cruise ship.
As such she has served her Majesty the Queen.

In close-up the cycles being off loaded

On the 9th of October she set out on her most recent cruise.
The cruise has the grand title of ‘Cycling over the Minch’.
On board was the Olympic Cyclist Chris Boardman.
There was also an experienced cycling guide.

The Hebridean Princess has no need for the linkspan

At the outset of this morning’s walk her distinctive funnel could be seen.
This prompted a speedy return home to fetch the trusty camera.
More than a mobile phone camera would be required.

The Hebridean Princess pulls away from the pier to give way to the Clansman

Approaching the pier suspicions were confirmed.
This was indeed the cruise ship – the Hebridean Princess.
Waiting in attendance for the guests was one of the island’s coaches.

The Hebridean Princess in Gott Bay awaiting the Mighty One

At one point her crane swung into action.
Although in the distance the load was clearly visible.
Cycles were being transferred from the ship to the shore.
Soon guests were cycling up the pier while others boarded the coach.

The MV Clansman enters the bay

Around 10:30 she pulled away from the pier into the waters of the bay.
The Hebridean Princess was making way for the Clansman.
The Clansman was due to berth at 11:05.

The Princess ready to welcome the Clansman

The result was both vessels in the bay at the same time.
The Hebridean Princess and the Mighty Clansman.
What a tale – a true story.

The two vessels in the bay – a rare occurrence

The Hebridean Princess carried her own supply of cycles.
However for those coming by other means cycles can be hired.
There is even a Fly and Cycle deal with LoganAir and Tiree Fitness.

The LoganAir Twin Otter provides a fly past for the Princess – Spot the diminutive plane

Talk of LoganAir brings another memory.
As the guests were coming ashore a twin otter flew overhead.
This was the morning flight from Glasgow making its approach to Tiree’s airport.

The Twin Otter in the sky above Gott Bay

At 11:35 the Clansman departed for Oban via Coll.
At 13:08 the Hebridean Princess continued her itinerary.
She made a brief stop at Coll before heading for the Sound of Mull.

The Clansman has departed and the Hebridean Princess is back alongside the pier

This is ‘Life on Tiree’
Celebrating the visit of the Hebridean Princess and the Mighty Clansman.

Cruise ship, car ferry and planes over head – Tiree a transport hub for a morning

The MV Clansman heads out into the Passage of Tiree.

The MV Clansman proceeds to sea bound for Oban via Coll

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