A Windy Weekend

November on Tiree began with a windy weekend.
On Friday evening the wind began to ramp up.
At midnight the gusts reached 59mph.

Saturday’s stormy conditions brought many gulls to the pier

The gusts began to steadily drop.
By the morning they were in the 40s
And so it continued for most of the day.

Saturday’s Stormy Sunset

Earlier in the week the Livestock Sale on Tiree had been cancelled.
This was due to the the weather forecast for Saturday’s sale.
The sale has been re scheduled for Saturday 17 November.
No doubt there will be a revised ferry timetable.


Saturday evening’s colourful south easterly view

The weather forecast had other implications.
The ferry sailings for Saturday and Sunday were cancelled.
CalMac instead put on an a sailing to Coll and Tiree on Friday.
In normal circumstances in the winter timetable there is no Friday sailing.

To the west – the sky filled with colour

There is also an amended timetable on Monday for Coll and Tiree.
This is due to operational reasons and not the weather.
There is the possibility of disruption or cancellation.
This is due to anticipated swell conditions.

Sunday afternoon – Gott Bay close to the pier

On Saturday the sun made an appearance.
There were heavy showers but there was also sunshine.
There was even a touch of colour in the evening sky at sunset.

The waves crash down and spill over the rocky barricade

Saturday evening was Curam’s big fund raising event in An Talla.
It took the form of Italian Night with an appropriate menu.
The excellent meal was followed by a quiz and raffle.
Hard work but a great community event!

After the great height – left with a trickle

As guests left the event the wind was gusting up to 51mph.
In such conditions car doors need to be treated with respect.
A momentary lapse of concentration can result in serious injury.

Swell conditions prevail

On Sunday the wind took much longer to drop significantly.
However it turned out to be even more sunny.
Blue skies prevailed for much of the day.

The light plays with the water

Our south facing window looks out on the Passage of Tiree.
Every so often we would exclaim at the height of crashing waves.
So a walk in the last afternoon proved to be blustery but exhilarating.

Down by the shore in Scarinish

Out at sea there were not many white horses to be seen.
However there was a considerable swell running.
A sight enhanced by the setting sun.

Scarinish Old Harbour, Hotel and BT Tower

We did not witness the sun drop below the horizon.
However the sky took on the colours of the sunset.
What will tomorrow bring?

Sunday evening – our west facing view

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

PS – The Italian Night – All ready for the guests.