A Beautiful November Day

A beautiful November day followed a few early morning showers.
Both forenoon and afternoon had uplifting blue skies and sea.
This was something we really appreciated around noon.
It was a joy to travel the length of the island.

The Radar Station and Ben Hynish from Baugh

At sundown we had occasion to go to Baugh.
You will find Tyree Pottery in this crofting township.
It is here that the Baptist Church have their premises.
Tiree Medical Practice and the Dental Surgery are also here.

The silhouette of Dr Buchanan’s monument at sunset

The sun was setting behind Ben Hynish.
There was a slight haze on the western horizon
The deep blue sky was taking on the hues of sunset.

The view across Hynish Bay to the Hynish Centre

The southerly wind had been steadily rising throughout the day.
The wind was driving the waves into Baugh’s many inlets:
Port a’ Bhata, Port Eibrig, Port Riasgail,
Port an Ladhair and Port Mor.

Looking back across the various inlets at Baugh

At Cnoc Eibrig there is the monument to Dr Buchanan.
Dr Alexander Buchanan was Tiree’s first doctor from 1860.
He died in 1911 and the monument was erected in his memory.
On several occasions the monument has suffered severe damage.
After the last occasion it was only partially respired and then capped.

Darkness descends over some of the houses at Baugh

The rise in the road at Cnoc Eibric is a grand viewpoint.
There are views across to Heanish, Scarinish and Balpheterish.
You look out on the airport and the expanse known as ‘The Reef’
Across Hynish Bay there is Hynish, Manal, Balemartine and Crossapol.
Then there are Tiree’s high spots Ben Hynish, Kenavra and Ben Hough.

Tyree Pottery

After the grey skies today’s sunshine was most welcome.
There was a real nip in the air but then this is November.
The forecast for tomorrow is for winds gusting over 60mph.
So all in all this evening’s short lived sunset was a real treat.

Looking across the Reef towards Tiree Airport – it will be dark when the plane lands

Two nights ago we woke up in the early hours of the morning.
Through a parting in the curtains the night sky was visible.
In the dark firmament the stars shone so bright.
It had the effect of making us get out of bed.
We had to see more of this wonder.

Good Grazing with a spectacular view

It made me think of the song we sometimes sing.
Jesus is Lord
Creation’s voice proclaims it
For by His power each tree and flower
Was planned and made
Jesus is Lord
The universe declares it
Sun moon and stars in heaven cry
Jesus is Lord.

The setting subtly sun subtly lights up the sky

Day or night.
Wild and windy, or calm and peaceful.
Bright sunshine, grey skies and dark skies.
Each aspect of life and living draws me towards God.

The sun drops behind the clouds on the horizon

For me – This is ‘Life on Tiree’.