The Day After

There is normally no sailing to Tiree on Fridays under the winter timetable.
So the stormy conditions that affected much of the network had no impact on Tiree.
Throughout the day the wind speed and gusts steadily rose until they reached 68mph.

The MV Clansman sails into Gott Bay on Saturday afternoon

Between 5:00pm and 8:00pm the wind was at its highest.
At times the squalls drove the rain into windows with such intensity.
It would appear that the pier suffered damage as a result of the storm.

The MV Clansman approaches the pier in sunny conditions

On Saturday, the day after the storm the ferry operated to an amended timetable.
Instead of departing Oban at 7:15am it did not leave until 9:15am.
Thus the MV Clansman arrived at Tiree at 13:05

The MV Clansman prepares to berth in order to come in stern first to the linkspan

The MV Clansman was greeted by sunshine on her arrival.
There was no ‘berthing shower,’ as it is referred to, on this occasion.
There were a few white horses but little evidence of the previous day’ storm.

The view of the MV Clansman includes the former pier used before the installation of the linkspan

With the usual great skill of the skipper, crew and pier staff the ferry safely berthed.
It is always a thrill to watch the ferry berth – something I never tire of watching.
The pier at Tiree presents its own particular challenges.

The MV Clansman alongside the pier

The Skipper carries ultimate responsibility.
He, however, relies on the team work of his crew.
The pier staff handling the ropes often work in dangerous conditions.

The roundhead can be a dangerous place to work

The sun continued to shine as the ferry headed out to sea.
It was bound for the Oban ferry Terminal via Coll.
It was a good afternoon for the journey.

With the ramp raised, the ferry secured, and the ropes cast the ferry heads out sea

With the arrival of the ferry traffic the shelves of the two shops will stocked.
The bulk of the mail and the newspapers come by plane.
Both ferry and plane are the island’s lifeline.

The Mighty Clansman

This is Life On Tiree.

Until tomorrow!