What A Palette

It had not been the most inspiring of days.
It was nor dry but then it did not pour all day
It was not calm but neither was it blowing a gale.
The dominant colour for most of the day had been a dull grey.

View from the pier in Gott Bay

Around 3:15pm a brief walk to the pier was in order.
Oh! It was real good to be out and enjoy some fresh air.
It was interesting to see a repair had been made to the recent storm damage.
There was a touch of colour to the west but little hint of what was about to come.

The view up Pier Road, Scarinish

About 4:00pm the sky dramatically changed.
No need to go out – the view was of a chocolate sky.
It was hard to take in this change in the sky to the west.
Our west facing living-room window became a real point of interest.

What a colourful palette!

It was getting difficult to stop saying, “Look!”
To the west and to the south the palette was amazing.
Every time you raised you eyes to look out it was getting more dramatic.

The sky was awash with colour.
Perhaps it is more accurate to say it was ablaze with colour.

Darkness Descending

Darkness was descending fast.
Cars now had their headlights switched on.
Yet, the sky to the west remained a sight for sore eyes.

The silhouette of a sheep

Sheep were grazing close by our house.
Looking west I became aware the silhouette of a sheep.
I wonder did it pause from grazing to appreciate the sky above?

The silhouette of the sheep

Who would of thought that we would of experienced such a sunset!
What a transformation – from grey to such a rich palette.
Breath Catching Beautiful.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’