Sunrise To Sunset

Yet another truly beautiful day on the Isle of Tiree.
From dawn to dusk there has been sunshine.
There has hardly been a cloud in the sky.
Any clouds have just been wispy.

First Light and is that the Bright and Morning Star?

We woke to the orange glow of first light.
The view to the south was of the Paps Jura
Who could resist going out to watch sunrise?

The Paps of Jura at first light

Across the Passage of Tiree is the Isle of Mull.
The silhouette was crowned by the rising sun.
The sun was about to rise over the Ross of Mull.
This morning there were no clouds to hide the sun.

In the morning we crossed the Island to Crossapol.
There we met with church family for worship.
It was a most encouraging time.

In the late afternoon we went out for a walk in the township.
We crossed the machair to Scarinish old harbour.
Then up past the lighthouse.

BT Tower in the glow of the sunset

As we passed the BT Tower the Sunday flight went overhead.
It had just taken off from the airport and was bound for Glasgow.
With an appointment in the city I should be on the plane in the morning.

Sunday’s flight passes overhead

The sun was setting behind Ben Hynish.
Close to the Willows was an amazing sight.
There was a bush that almost appeared to be burning.

The burning bush

The bush was not the only thing that appeared to be on fire.
There was at least one house that had that appearance.
Tiree’s fire station is located just across the road.
But no need for the fire engine this evening.
It was just a reflection.

House Fire

The Rum Cullin provides a backdrop to the island.
It too was outlined by the pink/red glow.
How we love to roam in the gloamin’.

The Rum Cuillin provides a backdrop to Tiree

It was not just the sunset.
The moon was was a real feature.
There it hung over the Passage of Tiree.

The harbour moon

This evening the colours of sunset encircled the island.
The red roof of the post office was so fitting.
It was designed for such an evening.

The Red roof of the Post Office bless into the skyscape

We made our way down to the harbour.
We retraced our steps across the machair.
Then we continued down Pier Road to the pier.

What a wonderful weekend for weather.
Will Tiree be one of the warmest places in Scotland?
That is the prediction according to the weather forecast.
Will there be a clear view of Tiree as the plane climbs away.

Tropical Tiree

This is ‘Life on Tiree’

Pier Road Silhouette