Wild Water

What a contrast in conditions today compared to yesterday morning.
Although stormy yesterday the sunrise was clearly visible.
Today the sky and the sea were leaden.

Yesterday – Stormy but but with a view of the sunrise

Yesterday it felt stormy, today it is wild.
Not as wild as it could be, but nevertheless wild.
Just before high water the gusts of wind peaked at 60mph.

At home we could see the spray breaking over the Scarinish headland.
It made breakfast an exciting occasion as we watched the spectacle.
So it was with eager anticipation that we set out for the pier.

It was an interesting walk to and from the pier.
You had to lean into the wind and hold onto one another.
In exposed areas near the pier you had to firmly brace yourself.

We timed our visit for high water.
The high tide was predicted to be at 8:50am
With high winds and high tide it was no disappointment.

There was wild water.
In places the water was laden with sea weed.
Once again the gulls were making the most of the conditions.

The waves were crashing on the rocks.
The spray was being projected high into the air.
Then the water would cascade down over the rocks.

At the pier itself many of the waves rose high.
Some reached to the very tops of the lamp-posts.
All the time the gulls were riding the waves and the winds.

Outside Scarinish old harbour the waves were breaking.
The surrounding sea appeared as a seething mass.
Yet in the harbour itself it was almost calm.
The two fishing boats were undisturbed.

Gradually the wind speed is dropping.
The forecast for Thursday is slowly improving.
The big question is – “Will tomorrow’s ferry make it?”

The wind speed and gusts are forecast to drop back.
However there is another consideration – the swell.
All we can do is wait and watch.

At present the status for Tiree is GREEN on the CalMac website.
However this can be misleading as there is no sailing today.
No doubt later in the day the status could alter.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’