Decidedly December

Originally the forecast had been for sunshine.
However the day turned out to be quite different.
There was sunshine but dark clouds were never far away.
Consequently chilly short sharp showers often hit the island.

The Moon and the ‘Bright Morning Star’ (planet)

At first-light the Moon and Venus were visible to the south.
The moon phase at present is Waning Crescent.
Thankfully the clouds obliged.

The rising sun viewed as it were through a letterbox

Watching the sunrise was like looking through a letterbox.
Clouds partially hid the sun as it rose above the headland.
Nevertheless the rising sun transformed the morning sky.

The drama between first light and sunrise

How majestic the Paps of Jura appeared.
They were set against a red backdrop.
Even West Islay could be seen

The combination of winter sun and dark clouds was dramatic.
This was in all kind of ways throughout daylight hours.
At times the sky was like a dull mustard colour.
On other occasions colours were vibrant.

Golden Rays across the Passage of Tiree

Sunshine and showers meant rainbows.
Against dark skies they were particularly bright.
And a rainbow made an appearance when the ferry was berthed.

A Rainbow across the bay

The timing could hardly have been better.
A rainbow touched down across the bay at Ruaig.
Depending on where you stood it appeared to issue from the ferry.

The MV Clansman with a rainbow issuing from her funnel

Thee MV Clansman had left Oban Ferry Terminal at 7:15am.
This meant that it berthed at Scarinish, Tiree at 11:05am.
We were informed the crossing had been a delight.

A cloud capped Ben More on the Isle of Mull

We were present at the pier to say ‘Bon Voyage’ to friends.
With only a light wind they were in for a good crossing.
There was a nip to the air so we did not hang around.

We were above the Old Harbour when the ferry departed.
We looked over the harbour to see the Clansman head out to sea.
Those on board would have enjoyed a great view of the Treshnish Isles.

Dark Skies and the Red Roof of the Post Office

As we made our way home the sky darkened.
We made haste as we did not want to be caught by a shower.
The red roof of the Post Office stood out against the dark clouds.

Ben Hynish and the NATS Radar Station from Scarinish Lighthouse

Lunchtime saw us travelling the length of the island.
From Scarinish we first of all headed east.
Then via Balephetrish we went to Hough.
Finally we went to Balephuil.

A rainbow arcs over the Memorial off Pier Road

On the return journey we stopped to look across the Loch.
The view across Loch a ‘Phuil took in Ben Hough.
The Loch appeared to be populated by swans.
And the colours were vibrant.

Loch a ‘Phuil

We turned to look towards Kenavara and Balephuil beach.
There appeared to be mist rising from the water.
Itv was mist rather than scary.

Mist rising from the waters of the bay

Our final walk was at sunset.
Like sunrise the sun was hidden by clouds.
However, the sun coloured and transformed the clouds.

Gott Bay

What a great start to December.
Many will be travelling in the coming days.
Long may the weather remain clam and free of low clouds.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.