It is chilly!
But not as chilly as on the Mainland.
Friends have been comparing and contrasting the temperature.
Dundee, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Halifax, Aylesbury all vying to be the coldest.

Rainbow over Scarinish

Thus far it has far been a week of sunshine and showers.
This has resulted in many beautiful rainbows.
However there is a change in the air.

A snow capped Ben More on the Isle of Mull

We had been busy indoors for most of the morning and afternoon.
Christmas presents and cards to write have kept us busy.
It was time to get out and walk.

Looking out across the Passage of Tiree to distant peaks on Mull and Beyond

First thing in the morning we had been out briefly.
Stepping out this afternoon it felt different.
There was a real nip in the air.
It was decidedly chilly.

The setting sun over the roof tops at Scarinish

It was just after 3:00pm but already the sun was dropping fast.
Out across the Passage of Tiree the mountain peaks were snow capped.
Ben More, Mull’s Munro, was particularly impressive with the setting sun on the snow.

A wintry sky to the south

From Tiree we can look out on snow on neighbouring islands and the Mainland.
Thankfully snow, especially lying snow, is a rare occurrence on the island.
However the strong winds can bring a real chill factor.

A wintry vista

This afternoon it was chilly.
The colour of the sky and sea added to the effect.
It was so chilly I could have sworn I saw flying figures over Mull.
Surely my eyes must have been playing tricks.
It couldn’t have ben the snowman.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
A Chilly Tiree