What A Week!

It was a week of wild weather.
A week when wind and rain conspired together.
A week when ferries and flights were cancelled.

It’s early morning and it’s wild water at Scarinish Old Harbour

It was a week when shop shelves could not be restocked.
Some days there was little mail to be delivered.
The mail arrives from Glasgow by plane.
No plane! No post!

Life on Tiree
Ferry cancellations are justified in such conditions – the pier at Gott Bay

It was a week when you had to watch your car door.
The wind could easily snatch it from your hands.
Or it could slam it against your lower limbs.

Life on Tiree
The MV Clansman approaches the pier on the Tuesday morning

On the Tuesday morning the ferry was on an alert.
The concern was the strength of the wind and the swell.
Even opening the door of the pier office was extremely difficult.

Life On Tiree
The MV Clansman preparing to berth at Tiree

The Mighty One, the MV Clansman, safely berthed.
For a moment or two onlookers held their breath.
But this was to be the last sailing until Sunday.
Even then Sunday’s sailing was delayed.

A stormy sunrise

The dominant colour for most of the week was grey.
Some mornings at sunrise there was a hint of colour.
Out at sea the grey was only broken by the white horses.
From our south facing windows the scene was often dramatic.
The wild water sent waves and spay crashing over the headland.

A Festive Coffee Pot

Yet in no way was it a dull week.
Personally there was so much going on:
The much appreciated invite to the School Christmas lunch.
The Coffee Pot Christmas Special with its festive home baking.

Life on Tiree
Over 60s Party – You should have heard the band!!

On Friday the Parties Committee were busy.
They held the annual Christmas Parties for the children.
And on Saturday they held the annual party for the over sixties.

Oh what fun!

It was a wild evening.
Yet not many were deterred from coming.
How hard the Hall and Parties Committees had worked.
There was an excellent Christmas meal, with music, song and dance.

Life on Tiree
The big fella paid a visit. Ho-Ho-Ho::

Saturday’s flight was cancelled.
The Church of Scotland’ visiting preacher had to cancel.
So on Sunday morning there was a united service at An Talla.
The Baptist Church’s Sunday Club shared their Christmas Presentation.

Mid-afternoon on Sunday down by the pier

Sunday’s sailing was delayed from 11:05 until 14:20.
This was an attempt to let the swell abate.
It was a wise decision – the ferry berthed.
We were able to board.


Our one regret was missing the Carols For Christmas at Baugh.
Carols were sung, the story retold, and Christingles given out.
This year was the 50th Birthday of the Christingle in the UK.
There was even a Christingle cake to help celebrate.

Christingles and Christingle Cake at Baugh
Photographs courtesy of Sue Bottmley

The MV Clansman brought colour to Gott Bay.
It was not just the impressive crest on her bow.
It was not just the CalMac colours of her funnel.
The vessel was festooned with festive lights.

Life on Tiree
The setting sun from the Clansman

As usual the crew were a credit to the company.
They are friendly, courteous and most helpful.
Thank you.

A wintry approach to Coll

Our arrival in Oban was under the cover of darkness.
It was only then we appreciated the full effect.
The Clansman’s festive lights were amazing.
There was no doubt this was the Clansman.

The MV Clansman at Oban Ferry Terminal

This year we are spending Christmas with our family.
For us it has meant leaving our life on Tiree.
It has meant travelling to the Mainland.
Our journey will take us to Oxfordshire.

The MV Clansman berthed at Oban Ferry Terminal

It is a reminder of the true Christmas story.
Jesus left the wonder and splendour of heaven.
He came down from heaven to the world he created.
Yet it is a world spoiled by sin and often divided by hatred.

A colourful Oban – Front and McCaig’s Tower

At Christmas God drew near.
Jesus is Emmanuel – He is God with us.
Through faith in Jesus we can know God living in us.

Baugh Nativity

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Reporting from the Mainland

Life on Tiree
Glasgow Loves Christmas – George Square