With no sailing on New Years Day to Tiree,
and no scheduled sailing to Coll and Tiree on a Wednesday,
Thursday, witnessed the arrival of the the first ferry of the New Year.

The MV Clansman arrived at the pier in Gott Bay slightly ahead of schedule.
This was perhaps just as well as Oban bound she was very busy.
It was mainly cars there being few commercial vehicles.
The New Year Holiday is over!

The MV Loch Bhrusda approaching the Pier.

This afternoon we had a visitor berth at the pier.
The MV Loch Bhrusda was on her way to Troon from Barra.
Thanks to a ‘tip-off’ it was possible to record her arrival in Gott Bay.

It is high tide and she is just visible over the roundhead

Even although it was high tide she was just visible over the roundhead.
What a striking contrast with the ‘Mighty Clansman’.
Still she is a welcome visitor to Tiree.

The MV Loch Bhrusda coming alongside the pier

There was no need for the MV Loch Bhrusda to turn round in the bay.
There was no need to have the linkspan made ready.
The ferry just came alongside the pier.

The Bridge

The MV Loch Bhrusda was constructed by McTay off the Wirral.
She entered service on the 8th of June 1996 on the Uist – Harris route.
Capable carrying 18 cars and 150 passengers, she has a gross tonnage of 246.

One of the bow ropes thrown and caught

The MV Loch Bhrusda has a speed half that of the MV Clansman.
However for normal she does not need to cover such distances.
Today she arrived as expected at 16:00.
Just before darkness fell.

Making the bow ropes fast

Tomorrow morning she will continue on her journey south.
In doing so she pass many of the islands of the Inner Hebrides.
Eventually she will enter the waters of the Clyde as she heads to Troon.

The view across the linkspan

No doubt she will begin her journey at first light.
These days it still feels dark after 8:00am.
There is no hurry however!
There is no advertised sailing on a Friday in winter.
The MV Clansman will next visit Coll and Tiree on Saturday morning.


Have a goodnight.
Do sleep well in your bunks.
You will be gently rocked this evening.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.