It’s January

Yes! It’s January.
How we appreciate the hours of daylight.
They are short in number but are much appreciated.

By still water – the Pier Scarinish on a calm morning

Yes! It’s January.
Flashes of colour are like gems.
Whether they be in the sky above or the surrounding sea.
Early flowering blooms in the garden are a point of conversation.

A January Sunrise over the Passage of Tiree

For much of the day it is dark.
At 8:00am it is barely first light.
At 5:00pm darkness has descended.
In January daylight hours are still few in number.
And dark grey days only serve to emphasise the point.

Across the Passage of Tiree – Ben More on the Isle of Mull – at sunrise

It’s January and the start of the week felt wintry.
The ferry was on an alert due to the wind gusting to 40mph+.
Thankfully on both days (Monday and Tuesday) the MV Clansman triumphed.

A wintry sunset over Scarinish

What a contrast Wednesday and Thursday have been.
Both days felt almost unnaturally peaceful.
The air was so still and the sea so calm.

A walk at sunset – looking out over Gott Bay

The island has enjoyed some of the warmest temperatures in the UK.
Tiree has not had a freak heatwave but it has been warm.
The fact underlined by hardly a breath of wind.

Looking over Gott Bay towards Ben Hynish at sunset

Starlings, and lots of them, have been a feature of walks this week.
They have been sitting on roof tops and strung electric cables.
It was almost like witnessing a murmuration

A highlight of the calendar in January is CLUICHEADAIREAN A’ CHINN T-SIAR
On Friday the 18th the West End Players will present ’A Night of Drama’.
Proceeds from the evening will go to An Iodhlann and Curam.
It Is always a great community event.

The ~Lighthouse (Scarinish) as the sun sets – note the crescent moon

It is well worthwhile purchasing a copy of An Tirisdeach this week.
If only to read a letter sent to the Island’s newsletter.
It is great to know the author felt so welcome.
The letter was warm and appreciative.
What a way she has with words.

The Scarinish Hotel and old harbour

To quote,
“Although the island is small,
it’s full of personality and beauty of its own . . .
I don’t regret the cold, sunny day picnics I’ve had on the beach,
nor the snuggly days inside when the fog hugs the island tighter in the sharp cold.”

Scarinish old harbour

“Maybe it’s the differences in American and British culture,
but people around here have a strong sense of community with each other,
and I’ve never felt more welcome anywhere.
Spending the holiday season here was one of the best choices I’ve made,
and I look forward to the day I can park my suitcase here
and never have to move it again.”
Elisabeth Hansen
CA, United States

Look west!

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’ appreciating January.
There has just been a short, sharp, shower but . . .
as we post the sky has turned blue and the sun is shining.

Scarinish Old Harbour