Dramatic Skies

We were all ready to go for the constitutional.
You know warm coat, woolly hat, scarf and gloves
We were certainly prepared for it to be on the cold side.
We opened the door and we were greeted by a sudden downpour.

A rainbow arcs over the Machair, Pier View and the Pier.

Change of plan!
We hastily retreated indoors.
As quick as the rain came on it disappeared.

Just look at the sky above Scarinish Old Harbour

Out we went.
A brisk walk kept us warm.
First of all down to the pier then on to the Old Harbour.
What really grabbed our attention were the dramatic skies.
The sun was reflecting off the Scarinish Hotel yet most of the sky was black.

A weather window above Scarinish

In the afternoon the sky grew darker.
The short, sharp, wintry showers persisted.
Just before sunset a weather window appeared above Scarinish.

Hail laden clouds over the Passage of Tiree

The dark threatening clouds suddenly burst with real ferocity.
There was no mistaking the sound of hail on the windows.
In the few minutes it lasted it was transformative.
The ground was peppered white.

So far there is no threat of ice or snow on Tiree.
The weather forecast is for wintry conditions on the Mainland
Thankfully we have been spared the snow blanketing much of Europe.

Dramatic dark skies over Scarinish Post Office and Police Station

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
With our wide skies we know what’s coming.
Whether it be sunshine, showers, even hail or snow.

This is the life! – Life on Tiree

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