A Braw Mornin’

“It’s a braw mornin’.”
“Out for your constitutional?”
“It’s a fine day, even if a bit chilly!”
These were the greetings from this morning.

Just before sunrise

From first light there was a strong hint of a braw morning.
There was every evidence there would be a view of the sun rising.
So after breakfast it was over to the monument off Pier Road to capture the moment.

A clear view of the sun peeking over the horizon

Even before the sun rose the sky was a beautiful shade of orange and blue.
Wispy clouds were painted on the panorama stretched in front.
Oh! It was great to be able to open door and walk out.
To walk out and enjoy such a glorious view.
It was good to be out in the morning air.

What a contrast with the evening before.
Dark skies laden with hail scurried across the sky.
During the night the wind was recorded at gusting to 53mph.
Yet here we were just a few hours later enjoying a braw morning’.

The rising sun through a cleft in the rocky headland

Reluctantly you felt that you had to retrace your steps.
However, there was always the temptation to look back.
To turn around and appreciate the view through a cleft in the headland.

The view close to home

Dropping down to the road and into Pier View the sea was hidden at first.
However the view across the road was the work of a real artist.
It was the view for some of the residents.

Feeding time for sheep and gulls

A quick cup of coffee and out again.
This time for the real morning constitutional.
It was just a touch on the chilly side but it was great to be out.
Near to the Post Office the sheep and the gulls were enjoying their breakfast.

Contrasting colours from sunrise

Continuing down behind the Scarinish Hotel we met more sheep.
What a magnificent view out across the harbour.
But what was that strange sound?
It sounded like a ‘moo’.

It was indeed a MOO!

It was indeed a ‘moo’.
Behind bars were two bulls and some young ‘uns’.
Re-assured that it was not sheep mooing we headed for home.
And a warming cup of coffee.

The Mighty One in Gott Bay

Now for the next appointment.
The ferry was due to call in at 11:05am
So after a quick cup of coffee it was off down to the pier.

The MV Clansman turning in the bay as she approached the pier

The sun was glinting off the MV Clansman.
There was no mistaking her Caledonian MacBrayne colours.
What an impressive sight the Clansman was in the morning sunshine.

The Saltire painted above the Mighty One

As if in honour of her arrival a saltire was painted in the sky.
On a braw mornin’ it seemed such a fitting appearance.
Just right!

In honour of the Mighty One

After the gusting wind during the night swell might have been expected.
Yet the sea was remarkably calm in the waters of Gott Bay.
There was no sense of haste for the ferry to depart.

Clag erupts from the Clansman’s funnel as she prepares to depart

Eventually ‘clag’ erupted from the Clansman’s funnel.
Her stern ramp was raised and secured.
The ropes were released.
She was underway.

The vessel secured she is underway

In just over a week’s time she will be heading off for her annual MOT.
In her place will be another ferry – the ‘Lord of the Isles’.
And there will be temporary timetable.

Oban bound via Coll

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on a braw mornin’.