A Dusting

The forecast was for snow showers.
Well! Did the weather forecasters get it right?
The first duty this morning was to look out the window.
The sky was dark but there was no sign of snow on the ground.

Dark clouds over the island. Was snow on the way?

It was as we were enjoying our breakfast that we heard it.
It was the sound of hail hitting off the windows.
Soon the ground turned white.
Hail impersonating snow!

Hail with a convincing impression of snow.

Even at 10:00am the roads were still slippery.
It is unusual to have to salt the path.
But it had to be done.

A panoramic view of the sky above Gott Bay when the MV Lord of the Isles was berthed.

When the MV Lord of the Isles berthed around 11:10 the roads were clear.
A small break in the leaden clouds acted as spotlight on the ferry.
The white superstructure reflects the radiant beam.
And the signature funnels stand out clearly.

The MV Lord of the Isles affectionately known as LOTI

The MV Lord of the Isles is the replacement vessel for the MV Clansman.
The latter is serving in the Clyde before going for her annual overhaul.
The MV Lord of the Isles looked resplendent under the wintry sky.

The Rum Cuillin provides a wintry backdrop to Gott Bay and LOTI

The snow capped Rum Cuillin stood out against the dark hail laden clouds.
As yet there was no sign of the forecast snow.
Hail yes! – Snow no!

The Run Cuillin

The island of Rum is one a group of islands known as the ‘Small Isles’.
It lies to to the North of Tiree beyond the island of Coll.
Yet it can appear as if it is part of Tiree.
What a backdrop!

Across the Passage of Tiree Ben More on the Isle of Mull

It was while standing looking across to Ben More on Mull that we felt it.
At first it was just a few soft flakes fluttering down.
But! It was snow.

The snow capped peaks on the Island of Mull

The snow began in earnest as the MV Lord of the Isles set out to sea bound for Oban.
However, although the roads turned white it didn’t lie long.
The air was certainly cold enough.

The evidence of the recent snow fall

There have been breaks in the clouds and the sun has briefly shone.
However the dark clouds have made it feel dark for most of the day.
The hail and snow showers have continued.
Tonight the roads are icy.

The wintry view across the Passage of Tiree

It feels cold tonight but it is not as cold as the Mainland.
We have had a dusting of snow but nothing like the Mainland.
Driving in such conditions is unusual for the island – care will need to be taken.

This is Life on Tiree.
We have experienced a dusting of snow.
We can enjoy snow at a distance as we look out on our neighbours.